DM: Calmseeker

Player Characters:

Rina, a monk from the Monastery of the Rushing Stream, informed us that Asparas, a member of her order, went missing looking further into the southern swamp following a mission investigating golden fleece, which identified a shrine in the region. ( https://sleeperisland.eu/in-search-of-golden-fleece/ ) The party, with Rina as our guide, led us to Asparas’ last known location in the southern swamp. Near our Southern Outpost, We encountered a group of tradespeople escorted by guards to Ruined Oak, and found the outpost to still be operational. It wasn’t long into the swamp until we found a note in the ground, telling us to following the teardrops to someone’s location. Given this area was where Asparas last logged her progress, We found lapis lazuli shaped like tears, resembling those that she carries around her belt. We followed these northward, encountering a blue tiefling a couple of times investigating the swamp. He seemed to be studying wild magic and the natural world here, but otherwise he seemed harmless, so we left him alone.

We continued to follow the path until we came upon a campsite. Twee snuck around to get a good look at the enemies, we moved in stealthily lhanks to his goblin magic, and Katla was able to pull Asparas away from the group of kobolds with her mind’s grasp. A combat ensured, one of the creatures they had under their control seeming to be a boar with necrotic eyes that nearly downed Katla, but from our combined efforts we made short work of the group and returned Asparas to Ruined Oak. She confirmed the shrine mentioned in the last mission to be the shrine that is creating the dark clouds in the area, and that the map found in that mission is accurate. It seems to be located near the lair of the dragon Grimace.

The Monk Rina
Map found showing the location of the shrine
The Monk Druid Asparas