DM: Revy


Our journey started in Port Mirandia where our group got together to investigate a report of a halfling running around crying, trying to get help. We tracked him down to a bar and listened to his story. He didnt have much to say between his cries, other than that he and some friends were attacked in the marshes south of the port. A nearby tiefling wasnt helping as she constantly complained that the halfing’s crying was ruining the mood and, ‘sobering her up.’ But we gathered what little details we could and promised the halfing we would search for survivors.

We started out by electing our leader to be GarGot… which was a choice. And we also noticed the tiefling that had been harrasing the halfling also leave the bar with a small group. Something we overheard them say caught our attention and we decided to follow them, as they were leaving town using the same road as us. We quickly ran into a problem with this however when we ran into the mysterious darkness covering the road and surrounding woods south of Port Miranda. The tieflings walked right through it. After some deliberation we decided to go around, effectively losing their trail.

The next thing of note to happen happened later that night while we were resting. GarGot pulled a small ‘prank’ on Cavendish upon waking him up for watch. Which caused Cavendish to run out into the night and promptly get lost. Me, his watch partner, and Shrieker eventually tracked him down. Which was actually quite easy since, after getting lost, Cavendish decided to go on a tree kicking spree.

Our story ends on a sad note for our halfling friend unfortunately as we never did quite get to the intended area to search for his friends. We got somewhat distracted again on the next night when we made camp next to a small village. After some scouting we found crates of weapons. That raised some concerns that the few people here we supplying enemies of Port of Miranda. We decided our smartest, most charismatic talker should go over and question them… so we sent GarGot. After getting the door slammed in his face within seconds he pulled out a portable batting ram and ‘knocked’ on the door once again. All in all the ensuing conversation when pretty well all things considered. Im pretty sure the crossbow bolt fired at him was meant as a warning shot and not an attempt to actually hurt him. But in the end they denied any ill intent with the weapons and said it was purely for self defense. And that was that.

GarGot did also learn that the tieflings did apparently also pass through, so maybe that is something that can be followed up on.