Game Master: Jacksus
Date: 09/03/2021
Time: 23:03-02:58
Mission: Road to Ruin: Cavernous Appetite (Trail DM Session)
Log Number: 9

Undead Goblin Slayers:
Julijonas Bard 4
GarGot Druid 3/Barbarian 1
Ch’aska Barbarian 3/Wizard 1
Jelo Cleric 2/Sorcerer 1
Cedric: Fighter 2
Destiny Sorcerer 3

Hey everyone, it’s your girl Julijonas, your Bard in town. I am not new anymore because I am now in Tier 2! Woop Woop! This is what we call a power spike, and dang, I am excited to see what these new adventures may bring. Hopefully I don’t die soon or this will be sad.  Anyways, back to the log at hand, we were tasked to clean up the mess of these goblins we couldn’t resolve last time due to a time crunch. (check out my “Seven” log for more information)

Today didn’t start off with a screaming child, but with the cool wind singing, and little snow angels falling from the sky. Our first leg of travel was met with the strange “wild magic” sensation I have mentioned in previous logs. I as going to ask Destiny if she could discern more about this errant magic but forgot to. After that, Pietrov and family were still there, with nothing new for sale. He asked us if we could do a quest for him; but we were already preoccupied so we told him we would do it Soon™, and continued forth. Closer to our destination was the same broken wagon from last time, touched only be the snow and wind. By the trees was a man leaning by the trees. Ch’aska and I approached this figure when it didn’t respond, and found that it was Ehrick from our previous escapade, now with various gapping wounds from a feral goblin like creature and dead. The corpse was promptly decapitated, burned, and buried so who ever would want to raise his body would have a difficult time doing so. Our party then arrived to the bear cave, now with little sporadic footprint leading in and out of the entrance. As we got closer, a strong scent of decay was reeking from the bush, along with a scraping, leather like sound. GarGot, as a bear, roared at it with the sounds of shambling corpses responding in kind,  and the Time for Mercy Has Passed.

Seems like all the goblins that were previously killed were brought back to fight again, now harder and with a vengeance. Amongst these goblins was what I would call a “greater undead” that would emit a noxious odor around him and incredible luck, as it kept avoiding Destiny’s attempt to Maximilian’s Earthen Grasp it. Speaking of Destiny, her magic went Wild and summoned a werewolf, which it tried to rush away afterwards. Now I know these thing are no joke as I have dealt with them from “A Furry Full Moon” and “A Furry Full Moon Pt. 2”; however Cedric didn’t so he fired at it, of course doing nothing, but now had it’s attention on him.

The goblins were dealt with easy enough, which just left the werewolf that was now wrestling with GarGot the bear. It got a mighty bite on GarGot, which nothing adverse seemed to have resulted from it; though due to the werewolves laughing reaction to it, we told him to check it out just in case. Seeing our fighter’s hit weren’t doing to much to it, I suggested it to fall back, which it did and transformed to its humanoid form. It’s clothes were not meant for this weather, so it requested a blanket that was provided by Ch’aska. It began to walk away but disappeared shortly after as the Wild Magic ended, leaving behind only her blanket and a curse. Along with more experience! Yeah!

Anyway, further investigation was in order. These goblins were indeed the same ones from last time, as they all had the same tattoo on them and missing finger and eye. The corpse bush had tons of blood and bones of large animals picked clean, perhaps of the bears that once lived there; Now sleeping in the skies. After taking a short rest, we entered the cave, now silent but the smell of decay and blood to replace it. The log trap from before has not been reset as a note. Some chatter was heard from the ritual site so we attempted to sneak, but they were able to sniff us out. Now they weren’t to sneaky other was we heard them discussing an attack plan. We slowly approached the source of the sound and prepared as they were waiting as well, but one of them got impatient, jumped out, and the Time for Mercy has passed.

The jumped goblin was pleated with attacks, but Destiny went Wild and swapped places with it, which put it next to me and the Sorcerer in a place it shouldn’t be. Frustrated, I killed it with my rapier, and the rest of the battle went smoothly, with throwing insults the entire time. Oh and the dudes we fought are on the left, which had nothing of worth on them.

Our little baby Sorcerer has the tendency to rush ahead, which makes me nervous, but she was able to handle the horrors of the rot pit so all is well. After that, we investigated what was above the cliff face which GarGot the bear was able to get a ladder down from up there.


In this room was a large, old stone throne, a blood circle that had some connection to one of the Lower Planes (I sadly didn’t get a sketch of it and couldn’t get more information), a goblin camp site, a rusty chest (that was opened), and a curious trap door at the bottom of a deliberately made hole. “Mountains and castles and monsters appear in base relief along with a large skull, each eye socket seem to be holes for two large keys along with a circular space in the jaw.” We didn’t have any keys that could have possibly fit, nor the time to search for one. Though the hidden door below the cliff opened on its own, to which we entered.

Landa, the head cultist and a cleric of sorts, was standing on the alter with her strongest zombies beside her; three human-like creatures, Orcish Bob (R.I.P.), and a one-armed Ogre. She had the same markings as her followers, and told us that we have passed Doresain’s test and held out a piece of flesh to accept us and we shall have more power. Us reasonable people gracious declined and the Time for Mercy Has Passed.

All of these undead creatures were simple enough to deal with, but Landra cast Darkness around the statue and fled through a hidden passage way under it. After the darkness has dissipated, we found two levers to slide the statue in and out of the ‘Secret Tunnel!’ She was far gone, as she fled on a goat, so we left back to the Ruined Oak. Other than Pietrov, we only came across rose bushes to an uneventful trek home.

Now upon further research. Doresain, known as The Hunger, The King of Ghouls. is an evil demi-god in service to the Demon Lord Orcus. Legend has it, he was the first Ghoul. Now that is just mildly concerning isn’t it? Well this was my 10th adventure but didn’t get along to writing my 9th, oh well. Thank you for reading my my log. If you have any questions consider joining the Arcane Order, I should be in the lobby while I’m not adventuring. This is once again Julijonas, your Bard in town, signing out.

P.S. I am hyped for what these new Tier 2 adventures may bring. Wish me luck!