Shadow of the Colossus


Shy Guy
Music Man

Listen well

Mission Breiffed by Jack, Transpo provided by Snippet.  Destination identified as demi plane prison.  Failure results in escaped prisoner, success results in reduction of enemy strength.  Team assembled, Snippet identified that failure would result in Escapee landing at portal used to enter prison.  Team decision to use remote location in place of town portal.  After day long setup and one last night in town, team headed to remote portal location to rendezvous with Snippet for insertion into prison area via portal.  Shy Guy unexpected arrival late in the game via Council Obelisk, unexpected but welcome asset.  Team had easy infil to prison location and moved toward target location.  Two local welcome parties met team on route.  First party traded safe passage for Music Man’s lunch, second party dropped off infinite precipice while crossing a bridge.  Snake entity looked for lunch but was denied by clever casting.  Made headway to a fort structure that seemed an ideal location for prison housing.  Decided to investigate thoroughly.  Found several clues that the fort existed outside demi plane previously.  Several balista stationed defensively and a main intel room providing details of previous location of fort.  Atlas has details.  After gathering relevant information, party headed to fort courtyard to continue search.

Door number 1

Upon opening the doorway into the fort courtyard, Eclipse was downed.  Jack moved to aid in recovery while rest of team prepped for combat.  Colossus and Friends broke team in several seconds.  Shy Guy took high ground advantage.  Eclipse broke formation with party and headed to elevated position.  Atlas moved to assist Eclipse but unable to do much.  Colossus took down Music Man while Birdman fought Friends.  Shy Guy and Jack implemented balista while Atlas blew horn positioned on interrior wall.  Colossus reacted, coordination broke, mid fight tactical reorganization was messy.  Atlas, Music Man, Birdman, Eclipse all downed by Colossus.  Shy Guy worked balista and turned Friends into double agent while Discord and Jack entertained Colossus.  Discord and Jack were unable to hold formation, downed by Colossus.  Shy Guy forced to reorganize and reevaluate tactics.

Kansas City Shuffle

Shy Guy utilized joker card, called Colossus bluff and won the day.  Colossus dissolved, releasing two shards of power.

Door number 2

Atlas and Discord were stabilized and Jack had odd interaction with shard of power.  Group managed to recover all bodies while prison plane crumbled around them.  Atlas took dead bodies and gear with magic while Jack and Shy Guy opted for a roller coaster ride on a skeletal snake across the crumbling plane.  Whole team made exfil, bumpy crash through gate.  Eclipse and Birdman lost in execution.  Music Man recovered after returning home.  Request further training for team before redeployment.  Tactics not clean; assessments questionable.  Needless loss and messy execution of individual talents led to near failure of mission.