Party: Marcus Wellspring, Nuemu, Gray, Amber, Ander, Jaeardis (the dragon), and Blue-Star

Found Elephant Bones – Possible dumping ground for Giant(s)
*Dispatched an Ogre and Goblin, that was extorting travelers to cross the far south bridge from Port Mirandia
Due to the vigilance of Blue-Star we thankfully had a heads up about a oncoming storm. – This was prefaced with a Magical Surge.
A Mausoleum looked as tho it may provide shelter for us for the night, upon inspection, however it looks like the “Cultist” as I will now refer to them looted the place without remorse. Trying our best to return the dead to their resting places in the Mausoleum may Terramolder, Thitiedd, Rosine, Krigyra, Xalin, Nymyra, and Alufi rest in peace. *We should return and replace the lock as soon as possible.

  • We took refuge in a cave, inhabited by an Owl Bear, it’s behavior was more defensive than aggressive, I do say these creatures eat a lot, 8 days worth of rations gone in a roughly 8 hour period, I am glade it satisfied with the Rations and left our Horses alone. I do Believe that the creature was guarding it’s nest, perhaps this is a mother Owlbear, something to keep an eye on, it could become a problem if it is out hunting to feed it’s young based on how much this one consumed. Although I do feel like the Owlbear that I will now give the name of Lilliana and I were making a connection.
Black and Purple Robed Religious figures watched on as we fought, and attempted to convert us to their Religion for their Deities “Protection”
-Nuemu accepted a “Drink” from the leader of the group, and fell unconscious, it is my fear that he was poisoned, Asking the Crying One to restore him, seemed to just ease his suffering. All we could do is wait, but I am not sure this cult is a good thing, they talked about a God Slayer. Thankfully Nuemu pulled thru, and described at least a four armed male human fighter with a black and purple mist surrounding him assaulting a city.
*With Nuemu suffering form the aftermath of his decision the group was forced to turn around and head back to town,

Below I have included a map marking things as accurately as I am able.

As always be safe out there my friends.
Marcus Wellspring