The Party


Players: Atilla

               Cha Cha





Old Man Samus

A bunch of new faces and myself gathered in Ruined Oak as we meet a farmer that went by Samus. Mr Samus said he needed help with a snake issue. We traveled north to the old farmer’s home stead, roughly a day’s travel away.


Upon arrival of the homestead we saw little Timmy, Mr. Samus’s grandson getting wrapped up by a large sliver looking metalic snake. After some struggles we managed to rescue Timmy and head by to Samus’s homestead. Then we found out Samus’s son, never got hus name went out the day prior and never returned.

MORE Snakes!!! OH NO!

We slept after a tuff battle the day prior and found out from Mr Samus about a rocky outcropping, the same area where he kept losing his cows. We decided to approach seeing several types of the metalic snakes, some different colors than others….. the rocky outcropping had a cave-ish looking entrance that creepy noises kept coming out of. The many different types of snakes caused issues, some able to cast spells, some that formed around people, all packed a punch and was able to dig quiet a bit…. Atilla became in a crystalized form after getting hit a bit. But really sure what happened as I was far away shooting my arrows.

Run Samus Run!

After running away from the snakes burrowing and a strange collapse of the cave-ish entrance we ran back to Mr. Samus’s homestead. We convinced him that the area wasnt safe and we left in a hurry with lil Timmy, leaving a lot of their belongings behind and only taking the necessities.