DM: Waylander
Session Date: 22 Jan 2022
Player Characters:
Twee – Ranger 8, Fighter 2, Cleric 1
Nog – Fighter 11
Katla – Fighter 11
Eight – Monk 14, Wizard 2
Marcus – Cleric 12
Valorean – Paladin 6, Sorcerer 9

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“Following the discoveries of Katla and Barry, the story of the Monoliths caught my attention. The smoke creature presented unique difficulty for the last party, having the ability to teleport, having a fiery aura, and when it disappeared, an explosion nearly knocked her off this plane along with it.”

“They did however find a note that displayed a third location for the monoliths. I briefly asked Garden of Stone about them on my last mission, but all she could say was that she thought it was council business.”

“So, I gathered my crew to get a look for myself- I thought perhaps if I said each word in Primordial perhaps something would happen when we arrived. We set out from White Moon Cove, passing by the Spider’s Reach Outpost, before traveling west. Just outside of the outpost, we did find a church, ruined and abandoned with what looked to be alchemical supplies, but we decided to mark it down for other adventurers before traveling towards the site near the Silent Forest.”

“We spent the night give or take 10-14 miles away from the site we thought might be where the Monolith hid, and while we saw fire and smoke billowing in the night, we decided the journey may very well be treacherous in the dark, and unsure of what we might find, we continued one to the smoke in the morning.”

“On the way, we found a small group of Bugbear that were fleeing some creature destroying their village. They told us the story of their ancestors, that three generations ago, an elder saw a vision of their home being destroyed and then the group found the Monolith we had been looking for, they built their village on top of it as a sign of faith in their god.”

“We gave them goodberries to sustain them and sent them to Spider’s Reach with a WMC Armband to mark them as friendly, while we moved to deal with the incursion. When we got to the village, most of it had been completely destroyed, and as we tried to find the survivors that the injured group had mentioned that morning, we only found the smoke creature and a group of thralls with black eyes. As I laid into the smoke creature, and Valorean did as well, it was not enough. The Monolith was destroyed, and the survivors slit their own throats as it did. The smoke creature cast a spell, Katla was able to identify it as something that allowed it to manipulate time, and two large demons appeared before us: Balors.”

“The fight was long, but we persevered, and slaid one, the other teleporting itself back home in a desperate attempt to survive, but even as we were licking out wounds, we felt energy pass over us originating from the Northeast. The Smoke Cloud had escaped another time to terrorize the island, but at least the demonic spawn it called into our plane were rightfully banished I suppose.”

“Please be on the lookout for more of these Monoliths, and tell if you see the smoke creature, or one it is dominating with Pitch Black Eyes.”

-The One Called Twee

Day 1: Black
Day 2: Red
Day 3: Yellow
Undepicted: Return
Symbols on the Balors
Symbol of Lamashtu, the Bugbear’s god