Neal | Allecks

TooTired | Barry

Troy | Babel

jlsesq | Peren

Le Count | Dakka Doon

Krforget | Zanras

Tsi | Decs

Small Fey, Lir

We met a flying glowing fairy, that went by the name, Lir, that flew into the Potted Plant that came in rather exhausted crying for help as she begged  for assistance with her and her forest friends that live in the woods Sout West of Port Mirandia. She says that they keep getting attacked by four legged beasts that keep appearing.

Monkey's of the Sea

After traveling south a bit we cam across a small pond that had several sea monkeys playing in it, Peren and I advanced a bit to see if we could befriend them.  As we approached the sea monkeys they attacked us and the rest party members ran to our aid and dispatched them as they walloped away at myself as I refused to harm animals from the depths of the oceans.

"Tooth Fairy??"

Miss Lir assisted us and showed us a cave opening that was in the forests at the end of the road. We encountered two monsters, a “tooth fairy” and a “shellycoat” we were able to dispatch them with almost losing the bird person, professor babel. We found a bunch of teeth while in the cave and cleared it out for the faries. We bedded down and during the night saw some wild boar but they fled before Peren and I were able to learn any of their forms.


The next day when we headed back to town we came across some golden cats that Peren and I   be-friended and were able to learn their form just prior to getting back.