Date Feb 27, 2021

I will open up by saying this, We knew the path ahead would be hard and we all agreed to the dangers, still this day is a sad day for it has lead to the imprisonment of a Noble Adventurer known to many as Nalkris Tyrneaundlin by a being that calls himself the Mountain Lord .

As to the events that lead to this, we started out by heading east from Port Mirandia to our destination making a brief stop at the Gruff Gruf Village where we met a Goblin named Kippon whom informed us of our grave mistakes with defeating the automaton like guardian who could only say “turn back or die” for he was apparently a guardian keeping a vast number of unsavory being at bay, it is my assumption that this was the undead nest we seek to eradicate later.

For those of you that are curious please refrence log https://sleeperisland.eu/wyverns-guardians-undead-oh-my/ This contains the information prevalent to the so called “Guardian” whom lacked vocational capability. As a note if we ever leave a guardian to protect something we should make sure it can communicate what it’s doing properly.

We continued east the following morning.

It wasn’t long before we encountered what we thought might be the start of undead territory, approaching with caution we were taken by surprise when several of the seemingly Rocks started to glow and ooze like magma, This area also seemed to be unstable and rocks fell randomly, the monsters had a uncanny knack for being in just the right spot when the rocks were falling so maybe they were controlled by another creature we did not see.

These two seemed to be the most prevalent to inform people upon, the far left creatures arm acts like a harpoon enabling it to impale and impair movement from great distances, I shall refer to him as an Impaler, the molten creature that can disguise it’s self as a rock.. well I am not sure what to call it, but be weary of it’s heat and grappling strength.

Most of all in that area be wary of falling rocks. After dispatching of those creatures not without some difficulty the group decided to press on, and we came upon some ruins we believed to be of Dwarven decent. “The Hall of Horitimesh, with Flying .. kobolds? dragging what I believe to be a Basilisk.

Halls of Horitimesh Ruins

Unknown creature, description roughly matches a Basilisk

After seeing such a strange sight it was not long before our party decided to bunker down for the cold winter night. During which we were set upon what I can only imagine a Vanguard of a Larger army body, as Two apparently Trained creatures attempted to ambush us in the dead of night despite Jub’s ability to hide our fire from prying eyes. And a winged Monstrosity with three heads that breath fire landed to assist them. It was a short while after that in which the Casters made themselves known blinding myself and setting a glow upon me that was most annoying.

As we started to get the upper and the Casters called out for reinforcements, two, Huge beings with two heads, one apparently stunted in growth stomped their way up from the south with surprising quickness, once again tho we started to prevail and then their Master showed himself, exhausted and unable to continue the fight with a victory in sight, Zugall having been Banished, Don fallen, along with Zalkris, I made the decision to Surrender in hopes of saving them.

As it turns out he Considers himself Lord of the Mountains, and called himself Mesholfinus. As it turns out, in his eyes we were trespassing, While the decision to surrender saved the lives of the party, one still hangs on our future deeds. After much debate Nalkris offered himself up to be Mesholfinus “Sacrifice” of which were received assurances that should we be able to deal with the Undead Nest and survive Nalkris would be returned to us and that we would allowed to possibly negotiate for future passage thru the mountains.

I hearby label the Mountains to the East of Port Mirandia, Sorrow Mountains as the choices made regarding these mountains have lead to sorrow and would highly recommend that Novice Adventures avoid them, Even those that have been here for a while probably should avoid them, I would leave it to Seasoned or Veteran Adventurers. That being said I must be part of the Undead Nest Eradication for these events are a direct result of my excitement to explore.

Our trip home was uneventful almost as if the being named Mesholfinus cleared the way. . .

Please be safe out there my friends
Marcus Wellspring