“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own souls. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” 
-Some guy 1781

History Lesson!

Q: Why is there a mass of swirling darkness South of Port Mirandia?
A: That place is known as the fallen kingdom of Ruthdala. The exact point of origin is within the castle itself while the cause of it is known to be an evil conspirator known as Darkjaw.

Q: Is it dangerous? Are we able to fight the darkness?
A: Absolutely! Currently three factions of armies are being amassed within the darkness: Animated Armored Legions, Vampires and Sori Elves. We can and will fight it.

Q: Who exactly is Darkjaw? Why is he doing this?
A: Motivations are unknown but he is a confirmed agent with one of AFK’s major enemies Tsaran. If that alliance doesn’t tell you anything please review the previous war on WMC.


Some of your bravest sets of AFK’s adventueres set out to test and understand the capabilities of this dark warped land and this is what we found:

Land of Darkness effects:
Consumed Light: All forms of light (magical or mundane) will only gain half of their radius unless they are from a spell of 6th level or higher.

Vitality Sapped: Magical forms of healing are halved while within the realm due to the interference of the Shadowfell influence.

Shadowfell Terrain: Magical traveling effects do not work within the realm of the Shadowfell. Your travel time is also tripled while trying to work through the changed lands.

Unbound Mental Assaults: Whispers constantly attack your mind, making long forms of rest almost impossible while within the realm.

Animated Army Observations

The Animated Army (AA) are not only durable but magically enhanced to a measure that would present problems for even seasoned adventurers. 

Commanded by an armoured knight, the Animated Army are both numerous and relentless when taking down an assigned target.
Two variants of armour have appeared: Smaller, mobile flying armors and Larger armors with the ability to fire a singular fireball within sets amounts of time.
Other creatures were present alongside the armor types: Odd monstrosities, Sea Elementals and alien attackers. The higher commanders of the armoured army are likely high level spellcasters who coordinate assaults with mass numbers.

Brief observations are only here due to the difference in fighting strength. More will be gathered in the future.