DM: Waylander
Session Date: Dec 23 2021

Dramatis Personae
Barley (4) played by TooTired78
Sina (2) played by RCB
Amber (4) played by Nick
Morros (3) played by Iceforge
August (2) played by Aust
Peren (4) played by Jonathan

Hi hi! Sina here, hehe!

So it went like this, So we all meet at the tavern, and we decide to follow up on a clipping on a map somewhere about a locked abandoned building in that far off snowy place through the portal. The portal itself was quite chilly, but soon after we moved north, finding the place we saw on the map.

It took some finesse, but we managed to get inside, apparently the door was all frozen in place, and we realized it was a church with a number of bodies inside. Amber blessed us and we moved inside together to inspect the scene. We weren’t completely sure how long this place had been like this, but strange abominations from the Far Realm seemed to have gotten into some sort of fight with the members of this holy place, apparently an old place of worship for the Order of Dragon Slayers. We looked around a bit more and found a book inside the altar at the back of the church. I wrote down what it said let me clip it here….

“During the reign of King Stregobor the north is in turmoil. A curse fell on our land. No one knows exactly why or how it happened.  Good people turning against each other, and the gods are silent. Our sages seem to be stuck in an argument. And now this terrible early winter makes things even worse.

It must be a test of the gods who expect us to prove worthy. I will gather our remaining brothers and will hunt down our last remaining enemies. For we are the Order of Dragon Slayers. If you read these lines join our fight!- Urth Lackman, slayer of Frostfang

Barley could read it, though it *was* weird that the Dragon Slayers used draconic for their texts. Much of the book contained similar information. We continued looking around the church and under the old dingy red carpet, there was a trap door not far from the altar. The group continued on into the depths below until we came to a circular stone structure in a cave with small draconic humanoids. We weren’t sure if they were evil or not, so I decided to go talk to them. They were actually pretty nice! Very firendly.

Nipo was their leader, and I figured out through my sense as a holy woman that they were some sort of undead, but the circular stone altar that had a stone egg on it did not appear to be consecrated at all, nor did it have the tinge of desecration on it. I asked Nipo about the church, and he said that they were killed long ago by an incursion of abberant beings and that before that they killed these kobold’s last god, which I assume is the Frostfang guy mentioned in Urth’s note attached above. They wanted our help reading a note that might lead them to their new god, Stormwing. Apparently, they were supposed to bring their egg somewhere and then bring it back and then the new god would reveal themself.

I don’t like to assume things about people, but we all were a little concerned that we may be in a situation where we knew very little of what was going on; Not all undead are beyond actions of immense good, and not all holy men act within the boundaries of our moral understanding. We didn’t tell Nipo where the note they had as a lead led, but we did decide to check out where the note mentioned after leaving the church and come back with more information so we could better help other adventurers make that decision.

We went back to the church, burned the abberrant bodies and gathered the dragon slayer corpses. In the night, some fox or wolf or something was banging on our door, perhaps to warn us of something. I’d heard of shapeshifters in the area, though I’m still unsure what the creature could be. Peren followed it after it spotted us and then ran off, and the tracks turned into wolf tracks after we clearly saw it as a fox, but they didn’t seem to react to druidic symbols or beast speech. Certainly strange.

We moved south to the portal the next day and rested a bit before heading further south to the placed described in the note. As we moved to the portal, wolves seemed to be following us at a distance, but we didn’t see them the next day when we came back through the portal.

We moved about half a days travel south from the portal, nearly falling into a lake between our destination and the portal, but eventually came upon a broken wall with a temple inside. Ghosts of what we can only assume were the lost souls of the Dragon Slayers guarded the walls. There’s something sad about believing that much in something, that after your form decays you still stand at your post. We search through the grounds and found a locked door and a key in a chest beneath the statue of some revered god or figure. I don’t think I wrote who down.

We opened the temple doors and found a sage, one hand missing some sort of spear or staff, the other resting in his cross-legged lap with a strangely round indent in his palm. We put our heads together and decided that the egg probably is put in that statue, which radiated transmutation magic, perhaps turning the stone egg into some sort of real egg or releasing whatever could be sealed below the temple, but we were still unsure about the entire situation. We found some old notes in a back room that went something like the note attached below.

 ..is lost. The abominations are at the gate and our supplies run short. We have not heard anything of the group of general Arturius Agosto and … who are with him. Our duty must be fulfilled though. The keystone in the temple may never reach where we sealed that …. We shall hold out and wait for Agosto to return. There is not other .”

In the night, we heard the soldiers fighting the aberrations once more, still haunting the grounds, but decided to let dead dogs lie for the time being. In the morning we returned to the portal and put our key in the archives for anyone wanting to help Nipo or slay whatever may be sealed in the temple.

If you have any questions, be sure to hit me up in the Potted Plant, k? <3 <3 <3


Portal = Black square
Northern Black Marker = Church with Kobolds below
Pink Southern Marker = Dragon Slayer Temple