Party: Nahil, Abel, Bardy, Marcus, Gau, and Griters

As usual it was a cold winter morning that us “Adventurers” as people call us decided to do something that most likely is not indicative of a long and healthy life. What was it we were doing this time you ask? Well we were hunting down a elusive, incredibly fast, white rabbit. . . you may already know where this is going and if you do, you’re right. We started by traveling in the direction we last had seen it, Fortune smiled on us early as it turned out the Queen of the Summer Court had dispatched some swan maidens to seek help from the adventuring community. Now if you are not aware swan maidens are apparently a fae type being that has the ability to transform between a winged maiden, and a swan. This magestic creature seemed to Captivate Gau. While it took a while to get the information we needed between the akward fliring of Nahil and Gau’s infatuation eventually we were given instruction to travel to the southern forest, to be clear this forest is slightly South West of Port Mirandia, over the river.

Wishing to strengthen the relationship with the Summer Court of the Fey, we followed the Maidens instructions until the forest underwent a wonderful transformation, and we could remove the heavy cold weather clothing. We had not been in the forest long before our escort found us, a Noble Unicorn. Ahh, Perhaps I am starting to get a bit long winded, and you do not wish to hear the escapades that happened at the graceful court of the Summer Queen. If so I will do my best to keep things short.

The Regal Queen granted us an audience to which she proved to be beautiful, patient, and regal. She informed us of the plight that is befalling the land, and the theft that has befallen her people. A magnificent creature named a Pea Cat, illustration below had some of it’s feathers stolen, these feathers have the power to bring the Fey Tales to life… I know a few Fey Tales from my home land, they are dark stories designed to keep children in line, and often end in bloodshed. . .
She has charged us with hunting down the missing feathers to return them to the Peacat This is a most dangerous endeavor and most likely and even more perilous problem if we let it percolate . We have been assured that the Peacat normally controls the stories kept within it’s feathers… away from the creature they are unchecked . . .

I feel like I have gone on some time about this outing of ours, However the last few pieces of information we have is this, after finally catching up to our white rabbit, we discovered we were in some sort of fey tale, the magic they is exhibited defies what we understand magic to be. We had to fight a Chess board of red, Drink tea with some clearly deranged creatures and suffer all sorts of strangeness that can only be described as Maddening. If people wish for more detail seek me out and I will write in more detail of this encounter for people to read, but suffice it to say bring someone who likes riddles with you.

There is some sort of sword that we need to find to end the Fey Tale we encountered. Or at least to make it easier to deal with. I am afraid the others might have more information as to this sword than I. However, I implore everyone, If you know any Fey tales share them, we need to be ready for ANY fey tale, and if any of you have heard of a Fey Tale with a white rabbit, a mouse, and a hair all drinking tea then please share, don’t share the watered down share the blood curdling version that keeps children in line.

As Always, Stay safe out there my friends
Marcus Wellspring.