I, Katla Gyrdottir, and several others set out to assist an overly familiar goblin by the name of Decs in the acquisition of a crown. My compatriots were competent, if strange to my eyes. Aside from Decs there was a strange looking man by the name of Ithrael, a follower of Eldath named Morningmist, a Triton named Kirnis, and a shady looking man who practiced necromancy named Darius Ciel who was accompanied by a shambling body.

We set out west, crossed the river at the bridge and then proceeded south along the road. We met a catman monk named Garden of Flowers who provided us with some information about the direction of the crown. He also warned us of orcs, werecreatures, and vampires in the surrounding areas. We continued to head south coming across a ruined home of poor quality, the notable things about it being a red cloth tied to part of it and a gem buried in the rubble. We camped for the night in a wooded area amongst the plains. It was fairly comfortable aside from the light rain. On first watch I noticed some strange bones nearby. After some investigation by Darius we learned that they were humanoid bones and it seemed to be some sort of burial site of people violently murdered. Later in the night, a light appeared in the burial pit. A spectre of sorts appeared, seemingly upset at us. After some discussion it was learned that the spectre had been murdered by the orc we were looking for, the one with the crown. It reaffirmed the course we were on and we decided that we would try to settle its grudge if we could. Early in the morning two bizarre creatures approached our camp. One was a strange oversized will-o-wisp and the other was a horrible tree creature with poisonous tentacles. They were dealt with and we proceeded to rest safely. We also figured out that the burial pit likely attracted undead creatures to it.

As we continued our journey we met a peasant in distress. He told us that his friend had been captured by orcs but he had escape. He told is of strange creatures with the orcs. We set off in the direction he came from. We came upon a large flowered field with a tripod holding a body aloft with two bulbous orcs near it. We approached under the cover of grass but we were beset upon by enemies. Decs was attacked by what we would learn later was called a vampire rose. The orcs noticed the commotion and attacked. We were attacked by metal creatures, maybe automatons, as well as some sort of gargoyle figure that flew above us. The orcs with their strange buboes exploded on death in a shower of gore. The metal creatures also exploded with a great deal of force upon destruction. We found a grimoire called “Chronicles of Velimar Stienaltan Volume 13” That spoke about dark times in the islands past. It also had a reference to Castle Ruthdala which is now connected to the vampire issues apparently. After the combat we were approached by a barky looking troll called Treetop I believe. He told us about the flowers and said he would get the dryads to deal with them, as they are dangerous and invasive. He directed us to an individual known as “The Jester” who had evidently taken ownership of the crown from the orcs. As it was apparently dangerous to be near the Jester at night we set out quickly to meet him.

We arrived to his “Court” filled with monkeys and approached him. A repulsive undead figure, we spoke to him about various matters. My compatriots dealt with the talking as I do not have the patience or kind disposition to deal with fools like that creature. We secured the crown for Decs and learned that the Blood Court is on the move, presumably some form of vampire leadership. He also mentioned that nighttime was his feeding time so he may be related to the vampire problems.

On our return we secured the dead body of the peasant’s friend and proceeded back to town. We encountered some orc pilgrims on the journey. I remain wary of them due to the normally violent disposition of orcs, but these ones were peaceful towards us. They mentioned some sort of trouble involving a mine on a river which had some sort of crazed beast move in, I am uncertain of the details as I was partially asleep during that conversation. We returned to town with no issues or notable happenings afterwards.