Sundered at Dawn

DM: Waylander

RCB – Twee – Level 11
Arden – Katla – Level 11
Genthrock – Marcus – Level 12
Mal – Valorean – Level 15
Trulhammen – Nog – Level 11
Konopa – Eight – Level 16

First Dawn

Team gathered at 220500ZJAN22.  Nothing inhibited mission start.  Quick brief by Tinder Box before onset.  Identified Rendezvous point and Target destination.  Easy route to Romeo.  Quiet night.  Left D+1 from Romeo, eastbound.  Sightseeing on the way, church.  Tinder Box suggested we check later.  Decided to call halt before reaching target destination, approach at D+2.  Quiet night.

Special effects

Early day, met with refugees from target destination.  Gave parting gifts and recommended they meet up at rendezvous for safe travel.  Headed to target destination.  Found town destroyed, entered central church D+2 H+3.  Heard noises from hole near alter.  All parties headed down, met with sight of Smoke unknown and worshipers, destruction of marker imminent.  Tinder Box and Dusty failed to neutralize target.  Marker destroyed, target lost, worshippers dead.  Followed by new players, twins, Red fish and Blue fish.  Mission failed.  Discord and Music Man moved to intercept.  Birdman followed behind.  Jack distracted Blue fish while Discord and Music Man worked with Mustang to drop Red fish.  Magical effects caused interesting effects.  Blue fish tried to disengage but was neutralized by Tinder Box.  Red fish ran home.

Sour taste

Battlefield assessment.  Target escaped, One new player down, another escaped.  Monolith destroyed.  Sensation from Northeast identifies there is more to come.  Easy trek home.  Arrived at White Moon Cove D+5.  More to follow.