DM: Geokhan 07/17/2021

Party members: Katla Gyrdottir (Arden), Ithrael (Moon), Alister (Wanderer), Yuna (also Wanderer), and Xavier (Calmseeker)

I, Katla Gyrdottir, along with several others set out to kill an orc, to fulfill a promise made to the specter of one of the orcs victims. Not to long into the travel we came across a strange sight. A table and fine rugs were set up in the middle of a grassland with warm food and drink atop the table. Due to its suscpicious nature we did not approach, but I used my abilities to retrieve a book from the table.

Interesting and worth looking into further. Further on out travel we fought some paper people along with some birds and snakes. We encountered a pair called Tear and Claw who had been hunting the paper people and thanked us for dispatching them. They were a cat people known as the Nkosi, a hitherto unknown people to me. Later that day as we slept, a drunkard stumbled upon our camp, an individual called Wazelander. We gave him a torch and directions back to town.

The next day we ran across a caravan that had been attacked. We found drag marks and quickly followed them, to rescue any prisoners taken if able. We found a cave where the tracks lead. We approached with stealth but were still spotted on approach and were attacked. Enemies came from the field behind us and the cave within. I tried to stall the ones in the cave as best I could but I had a difficult time of it, the one I presume is the boss orc, struck my arm wounding me heavily. There were difficulties killing the enemies outside and we were on our last legs when Tear and Claw arrived to return the favor from earlier. They allowed us to escape with our lives. A most bitter experience but one that can be corrected due to us being alive thanks to the Nkosi.

We came across a large monolith on the way back, it deserves further research. We ran across Garden of Flowers as well and got some information about the paper people. Apparently there is a dragon in the area that has a talent for animating paper. Another issue to deal with in due time.

We failed this time but the promise of vengeance for the specter will be fulfilled with might and magic.