just before the bridge We found eight six to eight-inch holes that we investigated someone was harvesting tubers rhubarb or the like the bridge was covered in frost and ice on the banks of the bridge was a small lean-to only a day or two old. after crossing the bridge we found a small stone temple with two cloaked figures and a construct as we approached the two clocked figures who told us of their plight their high priest has been taken over by a demon or devil, the two of them escaped with the librarian who was an automaton we engaged the devilish creatures in combat emerging victorious entering the temple we entered the basement Engaging in combat with the brainwashed temple guards we managed to subdue the guards except one who was accidentally killed by our rogue Sneaker the priest dissolved into black goo Tsaran is what the priest worshiped and Blue seemed to recognize the name as one of the people involved in the sacking of white moon cove we encountered some goblins of the Tort Tribe who live southwest very sharp west of the bridge. we then found ourselves avoiding large lizards and we encountered some war ostriches whom we avoided and continued southwest in search of the traveler with a blood tattoo under his eye who corrupted the priest in the temple. we headed southwest till we hit the foothills of the mountain. we entered a small wooded area when suddenly a giant scorpion jumped out of the Snow and attacked us we fought it off and then returned to the temple was deserted and there had been a slaughter in the basement. the priests gone as well as the guards and priests were taken by surprise and likely killed. the bodies was taken without any movement .early in the morning we were woken by the sounds of people crying at the door we found that three people were running for their lives and we took them in after dispatching the skinless dogs that attacked them. we escorted the folks back to town and then rested up