Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect. -Ralph Waldo Emerson


Zugall- The strongest known Rune Knight in all of Katashaka! Also a member of PTI and friends of Marcus and Shrieker.(Fighter)
Marcus- Brave cleric and wise beyond his age and a healer of no small talent. Member of PTI.(Cleric)
Shrieker- Nigh invisible to even the most trained of eyes with his cowl. Mounter of Wilber and member of PTI.(Ranger)
Balthier- It is said that one does not simply see hear Balthier until it is too late. Fast on his toes and faster with a blade. (Rogue)
Bardy- If charisma had a middle name some would say it would be Bardy. Talented and inspiring. (Bard)
Astray- A warlock with the talent to wield a shadowy blade of death and the fear of his foes.(Rogue/Warlock)
Zerdan- A sharpshooter of no known equal yet. A reliable scout and worthy advesary.(Ranger)


Explore the area southwest of Port Mirandia

Our mission starts out seven strong in Port Mirandia. I (Zugall) am leading this ragtag group. Shrieker is Trailblazing and Zerdan is our Scout. With Wilbur we are able to move extraordinarily quick along the road towards a destination. By noon we are coming upon the forest in question.

We take our first steps into this forest and set up camp. During camp we spot a man by the name Roshutto. We asked him questions about his wares and the area. He told us that his wares are special and that they cause you to age when you first wield them. I believe Gau has a few of his items already. He also told us that there is a Witch known as Jadeith who is originally from the Fey Winter Court. After having a falling out with the court she has started to find support to sway the Winter Court into making her queen. We decided that we would attempt to look for her and stop her before she alters the Fey Courts goals with her corruption. The next morning we set out towards the south to where Roshutto said he believed her to located.

After travelling south we found some boars in a field. Knowing that we are in a forest with fey within we decided that it would be prudent to talk to these boar just in case they were more than just simple boar. One can never be too careful of course. We learned that they were running from some large beasts to the south east. We decided to alter our course slightly and head south east in order to find these so called beasts. After finding some tracks in the late afternoon we tracked the beasts to a cave. They were just outside the cave and after a few seconds decided we would make a good meal. These creatures were later found to be Behir.

There was one Huge Behir and two younger Behir. I decided that it would be a good idea to grapple it as it fell on it face in front of me. Some how I successfully managed to grapple the beast and keep it grappled as it attempted to swallow me. I grabbed it by its throat and squeezed so the beast couldnt hold me down. Eventually after some well placed blows with my whip it decided to spit me out. Shortly afterwards it was dispatched along with its assumed to be younglings. These Behir were capable of using a lightning breath attack that was straight. They were also capable of constricting which restrained you. You heard it here first folks. I Zugall the greatest Rune Knight in all of the Freeholds single handedly wrested a Land Dragon and live to tell the tale!

The next day we decided to head back towards what we believed was the Witch Jadeiths lair. Only before arriving we ran into three frost giants and their assumed to be pet Yeti. I tried to speak with them hoping that our common bond would grant us some insight into the enemy we were fighting. But these Giants of Yotenheim were supporters of this witch and decided that they wanted to fight instead. I Zugall then decided to Wrestle the biggest one down and managed again to successfully subdue the giant. It got off two good hits but we finished it in short order. Bardy did his own thing and helped too. But it was I the greatest Rune Knight in all of the AFK who singlehandedly managed to wrestle a frost giant! I also tried to pick up its great axe but it was still too heavy…

After that we decided to head back and explore some more of the forest on our way back. This trip was however very uneventful as I believe we eliminated most of the threats in the immediete area. I am also pretty sure our reputation kept our enemies hiding in the dark for fear of our might to strike them down! We arrived in Port Mirandia the next day safe and sound.

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