Tl;dr : A group of Adventurers try to help a lonely and afraid halfling from Port Mirandia. They get hints but have not much progress before a stroll on over to Ruined Oak.

Future Adventure Notes:
•There is something going on involving weapons in a small town name Laforge.
•Try knocking on a door with clear signs of current habitation instead of going straight to a battering ram.

Session Title : Gotta Go Fast!
Session DM : Revy
Session Date : 27 Jul 01:00 UTC

Barry (Fighter 4/Cleric 1)
Cavendish (Fighter 5/Warlock 1)
Coral (Ranger 5)
•”Leader” and “Scout” GarGot (Barbarian 1/Druid 6)
Kaladin (Cleric 5)
•”Trailblazer” Shrieker (Ranger 5/Rogue 4) with Wilber the Ankylosaurus.

~Barry tell story to others

Barry and group drawn to commotion caused by gibbering halfling at Potted Plant in Port Mirandia. It nice day. Barry and group quickly find halfling and he annoying. He talk about marsh and bad thing and needing help that no one will give. Barry suggest Halfling Kaladin go talk to other halfling. They talk. Other halfling name Marvin. While they talk Barry and group see tiefling group complain about how gnome sniveling has ruined their outing today and ruined their drink. Barry empathize with tiefling, no one should have ruined drink.

Halfling Marvin tell Halfling Kaladin how he came here with friend and family, trying to find somewhere to live off land. They were in marsh when one night he went sleep and woke to everyone gone. He find big footprint, and blood, and body of cousin. He want to know what happen to friend and family, offer little, but say there is chest Barry and group can take. He say to find “The Longfoots”.

One of the tieflings.

Barry bored so agree to help. Barry and group notice tiefling group, five in number with blue skin and wearing same hat leave Potted Plant and then Port Mirandia saying they were off to make some money. They go south. Barry think group think tiefling know something as group decide to follow tiefling. Barry and group go south along road in a wagon pulled by Ankylosaurus Wilber.

Tiefling group enter the darkness that has been threatening Port Mirandia. Barry will not go in. Barry hear and see many bad things from that darkness. Barry suggest Barry and group go around. Leader Giant GarGot accept this alternative. Barry and group travel into forest until day end and then camp. Barry watch first and then sleep until wake. Barry hear story about comings and goings in night and lost Aquatic Cavendish being found after battle with tree and narrowly avoiding entering the darkness. Barry is unsure of group sanity.

New day good, light breeze. Barry and group exit forest and think find trail of tiefling group. Barry and group follow to Fishscale Tribe. Barry and group talk to Fishscale Tribe member and they not sure if tiefling group went by. Barry and group go south by bridge following possible trail of tiefling group. Trail leave road and Barry and group follow. Night arrives. Barry and group set camp and Barry watch then sleep.

Barry woken by Ankylosaurus Wilber poking Barry. Barry about to get very angry but Ranger Coral talk to Ankylosaurus Wilber and discover that Bird Shrieker told Wilber to wake us while he following something he found during night. Barry and group follow Ankylosaurus Wilber to a forking path. Ranger Coral go up, Barry go up. Barry not sure where rest of group go, it dark. Barry and Ranger Coral find a ledge from which can see glow of light of many building. Barry and Ranger Coral wait there.

Barry and Ranger Coral think see Leader Giant GarGot approach one building. Think see he ram it open and then have long conversation with occupant. Think see he back away slowly then shout back “The Longfoots” as question. Barry not hear response. Suddenly Bird Shrieker appear and say danger and time to go. Barry and group leave camp and push to Stiner’s Conclave to rest in safety.

Barry hear story from Bird Shrieker and Leader Giant GarGot about how town was bigger once, now small, but some people live here now. Leader Giant GarGot spoke with a halfling female with a crossbow aimed at him. She said no to Longfoot query. Town name Laforge. Town make weapon, which Bird Shrieker find in crate. Town also has ominous aura and maybe a prison holding the missing halfling family. Barry not know, Barry see nothing, hear nothing.

Barry still unsure if group sane, so Barry suggest we travel down road south back to Ruined Oak and stay in safety of outpost along way. Barry happy group agree to this and Barry and group have three gentle day of road travel and pleasant outpost stay until in Ruined Oak where we stop.