We started in an inn in Port Miranda and did our introductions. Afterwards we set out for the Bone Tower we saw on previous adventures, spotting some dinosaurs traveling south. Our druid Danivoy attempted to talk to them, and casts Animal Friendship on two of them, attracting one named Beto. After feeding it a Goodberry, he proceeds to ride it.

We found the bone tower in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around. We investigate a large stone door in the south side, and after yelling through the keyhole I managed to convince somebody to open the door. Sadly, Beto was too large to enter the tower.

Entering the tower we found more bones lying around, with the walls and ceilings also made out of bones. Some zombies and skeletons were inside. After defeating them in combat (with me almost losing my life) we decide the best course of action would be to get Beto to knock down the tower wholly. The tower, however, has different ideas, as it regenerated any damage done to it.

Inside the tower we find a leather bag with some gold and silver. We send the zombie Friend to the second level, finding even more vile undead there. Two minotaur skeletons even rose up from the ground! Some corpses of a few poor souls were laying around the place too.

Going to the third level we saw more half eaten corpses, as well as a zombie that ran from us. Suddenly, we heard a woman’s scream from the floor above us, and we ran to the rescue!

There we saw a woman in a ritual circle, surrounded by zombies and a somewhat more intelligent wight. He identifies himself as the master of the tower, Irdork, and he asks our Grave Warden Gorstag if he wishes to join his cult. Gorstag, naturally, refuses, and we engage this deranged madman in combat. After yours truly quickly felled this fiend, the woman rewarded us by throwing a fireball at us. Damned witch tricked us.

After felling all these fiendish enemies, we investigated the ritual symbol on the floor as well as a shimmering altar with mysterious writing. We didn’t recognize what we saw, however.  Tired and hurt, we went back home, but not before destroying the ritual circle.