DM: Neal

PC’s: Uzza, Tar, Aldwin, Eight

Upon our previous meeting our hunting guide and employer Urag granted me a horn.  The horn once blown would summon Urag and his sister if they were close by.  Remembering that there was a second hunting objective in the mountains I prepared a crew and called Urag.  Within hours they appeared and with enthusiasm gave us the new hunt, with myself translating the entire time as they only spoke Dwarvish.  The hunt was for a ring of great power off into the mountains close to Swollen Tooth Inn.  Other consistent clues where that there where giants and a dormant volcano.

Quite to my surprise our travels where completely uneventful.  We stayed in the outpost for the first night and camped out for the second night after striking off the road early the previous day.  We knew we needed to look for a cave entrance showing signs of volcanic activity, so by using great druid magic we all transformed into giant eagles and searched.  It didn’t take long before we found the faint trace of sulfurous smoke leaving a small cave entrance. 

At that point we were once again transformed, but this time into ankylosaurs in order to dig out the cave entrance. Upon a short travel we came upon a lava pool filled with smoke with dangerous seeming hanging platforms with somehow unburning rope bridges.  Unable to pass onto the bridges the party was transformed into a murder of crows except for two who turned into panthers.  That did not last for long however as one of the panthers, Tar, fell into the lava.  Thankfully only moments after contact with the lava they turned into a lava elemental and the party traveled onward. 

Not long after we encountered a large hanging platform with a sole armored fire giant standing over an anvil larger than a man is tall.  A short fruitless exchange followed before the fighting began.  Within seconds we killed the giant but not before he cracked his anvil like an egg.  From the core of the anvil rose a great phoenix.   

After nearly dying once again, much like my last journey with Urag, he grabbed the ring off the giant and retreated with his sister.  The following fight was an exhausting and easily could have turned deadly.  The phoenix few across the platform burning and trying to eat us whole, destroying many of the support chains in the process.  As the death blow onto the phoenix landed a great fire filled shockwave blasted outwards, almost collapsing the entire platform into the lava.   As the phoenix returned to an egg and began sliding into the lava, one of us tried to catch the egg but where not fast enough.  From there we left without any issue.

Due to our courage in the fight, Urag offered us if we wanted the ring instead of the gold reward.  The ring, a Ring of Fire Elemental Command, was a kingly prize indeed.  But us adventures decided the offer, as it was only fair to each other and honored our initial deal with Urag.