by: Horace, June 21-21

DM: Geo


The party headed south, out of Ruined Oak, with the intention of helping some potential new allies, at the Circle of the Mango, with their mechanical thief problem.  It turned out, we encountered some of the most peculiar beasts, I have ever witnessed.  

After traveling south, for a full day, rather uneventfully, we camped just east of the road, with intentions of heading east, into the woods, the following day.  It was there, that a man approached our first watch, and warned the party of many dangers in the area, including giant spiders.  During the next watch, Cedric and I, noticed a riderless horse wandering through the wood.  We never did find the rider, so Cedric has taken the animal, as his own.    

The next morning, we decided to continue east, into the forest, and soon encountered a motley crew of beasts; led by a fascinating, charismatic, lemur wearing a headdress, and his pet golden dragon, who he claimed he had raised since birth.  I don’t recall the creatures name, but he tasked us with helping him retrieve his pets, which were “lost” in a nearby cave.  His pets, turned out to be giant green lizards, but the party was able to handle the situation without much trouble.  It seems we may have made some friends of this group, and they may be allies, in the future.   

We then decided to continue further into the woods, in pursuit of our original objective, the potential clockwork bandits.  It was then, that we found ourselves in a precarious predicament.  After seeing some toad people, being harassed by a gnoll, we moved in to help, only to be charged by lions, with howling banshee faces. 

When it seemed we may have had the upper hand, a caster, by means of a magic orb, summoned a whole host of baddies, including some cosmic mullets.  If it had not been for some quick thinking, by the party, to cast a sleet storm upon our foes, we may have all met our end.  It seemed the time ran out on the magic, before they could get to us, for most of the creatures vanished, before we had to deal with them.  The toad people, were, of course, also very appreciative.   

The party then headed back to Ruined Oak, again, uneventfully, after a fairly taxing couple of days.