Tl;dr: Adventurers from Port Mirandia get word of a second Fountain of Aging being construced by Barragius the Semi-Lich. Sought and destroyed handily.

Future Adventure Notes:
•A reminder that magical cold damage can reduce most magical aging.
Barragius the Semi-Lich, an agent of The Leonid, has been destroyed. A second Fountain of Aging has also been destroyed.
•Survivors of Elmfield are gathering at a monastery in the Speckholme Glade.

Session Title: The Lord of Aging
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 10 Jun 22 @ 23:00 UTC
Session Risk: 7

Barry (Cleric 5/Fighter 5/ Wizard 1) with Skeletal Swarm (played by Tootired78)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 12) (played by Le Count)
Gau (Druid 15) (played by Konopa)
Katla (Figther 15) (played by Arden)
Lysing (Sorcerer 14) (played by Geokhan)
Twee (Cleric 1/Fighter 2/Ranger 11) (played by RCB)
Valorean (Paladin 6/Sorcerer 10) with Azure the griffon (played by Mal)

Barry and group meet in Port Mirandia, from request of help by some elf. Some elf home Elmfield destroyed. Some elf want revenge. Barry and group set out along road. Midday, Barry and group see many big hole in ground, five foot each. Barry and group finish day, camp on ground. During night Giant Lysing calls out “Giant Oil Worm” after five foot hole appear, wake up group. Druid Gau look at Giant Lysing like Giant Lysing crazy. Barry concur. Druid Gau talk to worm, Barry not speak Worm, go back to sleep.

Next day, Barry and group see giant boar, then later, giant banana. GIant Lysing again crazy, want make boat from banana. Later see pole with note.

“Looking to make a brothel that provides a buffet. Interested in bitches that won’t take my fucking kidney when I say I have to use the money to get a tattoo. If interested, write name on pole.”

Barry not trust Giant Lysing and Goblin Dakka Doon translate, use Tempus’ wisdom to teach Barry to read through wizardry to verify. Giant Lysing write “Barry”, Barry not like, remove with Tempus magic. Goblin Dakka Doon write name Barry not know. “Yatari Silverkin.” Barry and group head for area some elf supposed to be, follow track on ground.

Track eventually lead to solitary house, near river. Some elf nearby, fish. Much talk happen, story Barry know already. Elf village Elmfield destroyed by undead and devil. Leader name “Barrigius the Semi-Lich”, known for making Fountain of Aging. Some elf think Barrigius the Semi-Lich try make new Fountain of Aging, as Barrigius the Semi-Lich need steal time from other to live, after fail attempt to become Demi-Lich.

Some elf say they want to reunite with rest of Elmfield survivor, but it too dangerous now to travel there. Group say Barry and group will try best to stop Barrigius the Semi-Lich. Some elf let Barry and group camp for night.

Next day, Barry and group cross river, Barry not say anything. Eventually Barry and group get to spot Druid Gau declare good. Druid Gau talk tree, tree open, Barry and group run through. Druid Gau say Barry and group near old Fountain of Aging. Barry and group camp for night. In night, someone fight painting, maybe of Barrigius the Semi-Lich by Roshutto, wizard who make many item that drain age, known for interest in Fountain of Aging.

Painting titled Barragius the Semi-Lich, painted by Roshutto.

Morning, Barry and group move to where old Fountain of Aging be. Find wagon, with unconscious elf, blond hair, torn suit. Druid Gau say it Roshutto. Dragonborn Valorean touch4, elf recover. Roshutto then talk much. Know Barrigius the Semi-Lich, sought collaboration on aging magics. Friend at first, gained favour. Have fall out after Roshutto realize Barrigius the Semi-Lich purpose to drain life energy of people and will not stop, also intend to sacrifice life to make new fountain. Roshutto confront Barrigius the Semi-Lich, not win, captured. Roshutto escape few day ago, barely survive.


Roshutto say new fountain northwest of old fountain, where stream originate. He want study new fountain, but expect it need be destroyed as Barrigius the Semi-Lich is tied to it existence. Also say use caution as aura of magic near fountain, cause severe aging, cold magic or greater restoration will reduce effect.

Barry and group move northwest, find path to large open barrow. Nothing outside, Barry and group descend stair, enter barrow. Underground, Barry need light to see. Goblin Twee find carving inscribe on wall. Psychic Katla say infernal, read to Barry and group.

Long have I ruled over these lands. So many centuries… Boredom is ever grating my mind, but I do not desire demise. No, I will delve deeper into my studies for insight from the one called Leonid.

Barry and group then attacked by many undead, devil, grave robber. Barry and group win! More carving found, more Psychic Katla read.

I have managed to gain some mastery over death, although I failed to create a phylactery. I recall that humanoids used to care about growing into adulthood quickly. I remember caring about that when I was one of them. Perhaps that will be how I maintain this state that gives me greater time to stave off my boredom.

Then more.

I have found a way to ease my malaise. I have created a fountain that can drain the life energy of people. It will require sacrifices of bone and blood to sustain. Others have shown desires to create pillars that can act independently. I will allow them to do this, for their sources of inspiration is commendable. I will use the nearby stream and defile this area, making it a source of aging for all that live in these surrounding lands. Through this, Leonid will be honoured, and I, Barragius, will reign supreme!

Barry and group search winding tunnel, Goblin Twee scout ahead. While Barry and group head for one tunnel with stream, Psychic Katla grab invisible imp. Imp annoyed, was on way to use outhouse by stream. Imp say outhouse built to appease many devils, was too far to get outside, and dangerous. Outhouse have side effect of despoiling river. Imp say fountain deeper, other tunnel Goblin Twee see, to north.

Barry and group descend further. Approach pearly white gate, which open as Barry and group approach. Many magic flame flicker in pillar, light up wide chamber. At further end, throne, on throne tall humanoid, surrounded by many undead and devil. Fountain offset, behind. Barry and group were noticed, Psychic Katla go talk.


Throned figure name Barragius, ruler of the chamber. Barry not know what Psychic Katla say, but Barragius command servant attack. Barry and group fight with zombie dragon, various devil, undead ettin and Barragius. Barragius use chalice during fight, make fountain glow, restore Barragius. While bloodied, Barragius crush chalice, form shift to crowned shadowy form of Barragius the Semi-Lich.

Barragius the Semi-Lich touch crown during fight, fountain collapses as Barragius the Semi-Lich restore self. But not enough, Barry and group manage to destroy Barragius the Semi-Lich and many servant. Barry and group looked around. Druid Gau say fountain have no magic now. Base of fountain bone and blood of many creature. Barry and group hear rumble, realize barrow collapse. Barry and group run out.

Outside, Barry and group see imp again. Imp dismayed, outhouse destroyed, think Barragius the Semi-Lich was arrogant and glad to no longer be bound to serve. Imp hopeful imp find another outhouse. Druid Gau open another tree, Barry and group run through, then again. At elf house, Barry and group tell some elf Barragius the Semi-Lich destroyed. Some elf happy, say will head southwest, try to reunite with other survivor, who at monastery in Speckholme Glade.

Barry and group sleep night at elf house, then Druid Gau open enough tree to get Barry and group back to Port Mirandia.