Owrens first forray into the market place begins with some tall folk giving him some side eye he approaches and introduces himself taking the rag tag bunch in with an awe struck smile, could these be his first adventuring party? That decision is taken for him when a local farmer comes begging for help to save his animals from some sort of wounded beasties in the night!

The travel to the farm begins uneventful we come to a large bridge and cross it, the chatter amongst the party is about some Orcich cannibals and Lycanthropes! To think they might come across such creatures fills Owren with a mixture of fear and excitement.

When they arrive at the farm the people seem really nice and are glad for the help. They investigate the recent damage and see the farmers have tried to baricade the road towards the farm but alot of damage has happened to the wagons used to block the road.

Some of the group head out following the tracks made by whoever has been attacking the farm while others reinforce the defenses made by the farmers, Owren speaks with the farmers trying to glean any more information from them about who or what has attacked the farm, he also is eager to try some fresh milk!!

While waiting for the others to return Owren uses his familiar to check in with another local farm to see if they had been having any trouble with the undead, farmer John responds that they “haven’t had any trouble but will be on the lookout and thanks for the heads up” Owren spends the rest of the day entertaing the young farm girl with some magic tricks and fireworks using prestidigitation.

Silk and Kailu returned with a band of goblins from their little scouting trip, the goblins had a previous encounter with some undead creatures that they belive to be the same as the ones attacking the farm!! They were looking for some shelter and told us about a leader of the undead who had no flesh on his face from Owrens studies it sounded like a wight!

As the sunsets, shades appear in the distance and several undead start shambling towards the farm. The brave frontliners Kett and Katla soak up the pressure and draw their attention so kailu can spring from their hiding place up a tree and do some dope monk stuff, while Owren claws them with his chilling touch and the Elf called Silk pierces them with many arrows fired with a skill Owren hasnt seen before.

It seemed like the waves of undead would never end but through our grit and determination they saw themselves victorious and made it through the night without anyone being severely injured.

They learned that the goblins had lost some of their companions Gnieg and Duik to the undead so it was decided the party would try and rescue them from the fleshless wight, while following the tracks the scout Kailu and trailblazer Katla found a mysterious trap door in the ground.

By Owrens estimations it wasnt anything that ancient probably 25 or 30 years and clearly built with the plain, purpose driven architecture of the humans. The bricked tunnel opens up into a cave with a stream and another bricked tunnel that lead to a sleeping quarters of sorts and a strange door with blue shimmering runes on it, when leaving the cave two large crocadillians attempted to have the party for lunch.

While trying to sneak past them the rash talking/planning combined with the clank of some heavy armor alerted them to the presence of food! Quick thinking from Silk tried to draw the crocs away from the majority of the group placing himself in the danger zone, as the others were fleeing Owren heard the croc snap its jaws on Silk and tried to use some pocket sand and a rose petal to cast Sleep on the croc but it was too beefy and barely blinked an eye at the spell!! With more bravery than brains Owren and Kailu continued to try and free Silk from the clutches of the crocs jaw. With staff and fist Kailu tried to wrest Silk free but wasn’t able to so in a final gambit Owren mustered his inner strength and tried to cast a spell he had never used before drawing his hands together in a great clap, a thunderous wave errupted and pushed the crocodile away freeing Silk from its clutches we all tried to run away but unfortunatley Kailu became gator kibble!!

With no way to save Kailu, Owren ran faster than he had ever ran before and with a hint of shame cast Expiditious Retreat leaving Kailu to be dragged into the stream and devoured.


1. @Jaymax91 (Owren Boreal) +1UTC / Owren / 2, 2 Wizard

2. @Arden (Katla Gyrdottir) / Katla / 4, 4 Fighter

3. @Nat20s (Kett) / Kett / 2, Barbarian 2

4. @Darkshadow (Kailu Gregwyn) / Kailu / 2, 2 Monk

5. Ben (Silk Webweaver) UTC+1 / Silk / 4, Rogue 4


@Waylander (Cedric) +2 UTC

Session date 07/24/2021

Adventure location Farm south of Port Mirandia