Nalkris the Eladrin, male, normal looking elf except the green-spring like colourations to his skin and hair
Avarace, the Jetblack raven familiar granted to Nalkris for his service to the Raven Queen

Leofyr – Tallish half-elf, male, wearing a pair of shorts only and a spellbook, ridiing a pegasus on Calaran
Calaran – Leofyr’s mount, a pegasus but not just a winged horse, it had Antlers as well, with Calaran explained as fiendish influence coming into the summoning
Rusty – Leofyr’s familiar/pet, a cat of rusty colouration.

Murdrum – Grey-ish white haired half-elf looking male, wearing his big mage-robes with grimson and black coloring, big flowing sleeves and four leather-straps from the shoulder.
Tiny Servant – Murdrums mechanical appearing pet

Imogéne – Tall human, female, silverish white hair down to her knees, carries a wish-list around with her

Jyn – Red haired mountain dwarf, female, donned in full plate armor that appeared shiny, armed with a shield and a warhammer, usually seen her looking tired around Ruined Oak, but during our trip she seemed excited and well-rested.

We went on a longer trip to reach some road workers and protect them. We finish up the road to the North of Ruined oak, hitting a lake-bed, from where a huge encampment of Gnolls was located north of the Jub Jub Peaks and just south of the Jubai River , as detailed in the map below. (Road may only be more or less accurate on map)
We thus ventured back
Along the way there and back, we fought wildboars, water elementals, a chimera, found putrid bodies, a dead goblin fisherman and later found his fishermen friends, and saw flying pegasi and meteors falling from the skies, more detailed summary below the map.

Detailed summary

First day and first night was uneventful

Middle of second day, we came upon stones with carved depictions on them and some text, which read “The Firefly Dance”, maybe just a title of the work, Imogene made the brilliant suggestion we stopped and dance, so we did, it was brilliant, truly one of the acts that makes life so precious to just dance and enjoy being alive.

Shortly after we made camp, having spend a some time dancing instead of travelling

During the 2nd night nothing else happened, noticed more stone blocks in the ground, checked them more in the morning, but was no markings or writings upon them

During 3rd day of travel, during the morning, we spotted two wildboar, tried to hunt them, but they got away, was not Raven Queens will we should catch them

We managed to cross the river, I found us some swallow paths to use to cross relatively easily

During 3rd night, found some sacks with something putrid and decaying inside of them

During 4th day, we encountered a hot springs, that was too hot to take a bath, and later a golden cat, Rust tried to befriend it, but didn’t work

Then, just as we reached the road workers, we came across a large pondwith vapor coming from it, wanted to investigate if it was a hot spring suitable for a bath, but rest seemed less interested in reminding themselves about the good things in life, water elemental creatures rose from the pond, we tried being friendly, but they turned hostile regardless and attacked, after we headed their warning to retreat from the pool, they was assisted by a myrmidon.

It wasn’t that tough a battle to defeat them, and we got to bathe in the pool afterwards, very enjoyable, Leofry even flew his mount, Calaran, out to the middle of the pond and dived off the back of Calaran into the pool, lots of fun.

Later on, as we escorted the workers as they continued working, we saw a well, investigated it, just a regular well

During my watch on the 4th night, I found a dead body on the ground, a clawed dead goblin fisherman with dead fish around him as well.
More vigilantly watched out for clawed monsters or predators.

During 5th day, I spotted a chimera with a horse in its mouth above us, called it out, the others said it was no worries, it was probarly satisfied, but then it dropped the horse and attacked us

End of 5th day was the best hunting so far, boar-meat enough for everyone and for the 6th day as well, very well done

During the 5th night, I spotted 3 creatures, seemingly goblins, heading west, wasn’t sure if we should do something or just let them keep going, woke Murdrum to confirm we should just let them disappear to the west, and didnt have anything more happen regarding those goblins.

During the 6th day, I first spotted a group of pesasi flying south, then later in the morning, we spotted stone pillars, that looked like they had been part of a building some time, there was writing saying “Leonid”.
Imogéne had encountered similar structures before but they had not been able to dissern what its purpose was, but had nobody with them able to detect magic and see if there was something magical to the structure, so that was a new avenue of investigation we could do to try and figure it out.
We tried to find out more, but couldn’t quite, while Leofyr casted detect magic to find out more, detecting transmutation magic from the pillars and light abjuration magic protecting it.

Jyn casted identify on the pillars to find out what the magic was. She was hurt as she approached the pillar within 5ft, but still approached it and put her hand on it to try and identify it, hoping it would not hurt her again.

The pillar was made to serve a particular entity called Leonid, anything approaching within 5ft of it can grow older, it manipulates time, and it made Jyn grow older right infront of our eyes, more specifically its named Pillar of Aging.

As expected, Leonid’s association is with time and it serves a particular deity named Pavo.

Later in the day, I spotted a couple of goblins carrying fishing rods to the south, and I yelled out and approached them asked if they knew about a goblin that went missing, as they looked like the one found clawed to death a couple nights ago (night 4?)

I couldnt speak with them, but Leofyr could speak goblin, and ask them about them and inform them about their friends passing.

We got the know where they was from for possible future trade, they only had fish, so would be interested in something else to eat. They were from Muru Village to the north.

We offered them the boar meet, but they couldnt carry that if they had to carry their dead friends body.

Later on, we had a big group of gnolls approach us and the workers, and we got ready for the potential trouble that could mean for us
Their female leader crackled, laughed and pointed to the workers, and the gnolls started running towards them, and combat became unavoidable, damn predatory gnolls, we had tho decided, on Leofyr’s behest, to not kill their leader, but keep her alive for questioning, if it came to combat.

Murdrum made a sleet storm and I used sickening radiance, making quick work of the gnolls as they fleed from the magic in terror, their mage only able to dispel the sleet storm, quickly only their leader, the famel gnoll deathmage, was left standing.

Tho it was not without cost, as Calaran, deeply wounded from the gnoll warrior earlier with a 3 headed flail, tried to run over and knock out the Deathmage with its hooves, managed to stumble and strike itself, making it poof out of existance from this plane.

We tied her up, with rope, a sack over the head, bound mouth, and manacles Imogene made.

The 6th night was quiet, besides the struggling gnoll deathmage

The 7th day we was finihsing up everything.

First we found a crystal on the ground, not magical, added to loot

Then we found a naked figure laying on the ground with scratches on them, approaching and asking if they was alright, they stood up and claimed they was just waiting for someone out here.
Then he turned into a wereboar and attacked us, but we put him down in less than 5 seconds.

Towards the evening, I spotted a castle to the south-east, a few seconds later, we felt the ground tremple and shake violently beneath us

Mudrum was able to tell that the shaking, which knocked some of us prone, came from the keep to the south-east and was the effect of an earthquake effect.
There was spiked walls along the bank of the river, and smoke coming from hundreds of campfires around and inside the castle.
Leofyr used an owl familiar to find out there was at least a hundred gnolls over there, owl heard drums in the distance across the river.

Located in same hex as the bridge is being built.

Night 7 we just saw fires to the south-eastern camps

During day 8

We saw fires to the southwest on the way home, and came by a pack of wild horses to the north towards the middle of the day.

Night 8

We had a grassing dinosaur come by camp, and we found forks of aging, which lost their magic after aging Leofyr as he tried to pick one up to identify it after finding out it was magical

Day 9

We came past a rhino on the way

Night 9

Found a clean handkerchief on the ground.

Day 10

Again I saw pegasi flying towards the mountains, this time to the north-east of us, as we was nearly back at Ruined Oak

Later saw meteors falling to the north-east, hopefully the pegasi was far away from the impact point

Upon arrival back, we sent Gnoll Deathmage off to Port Miranda, to Chemist, to be questioned.