Party: Fanoa, Murdrum, Balthier, Marcus, Zugall, Bardy

Mission: Build the Grey Gulley

If you build it, they will come. -Ray Kinsella

Day 1: Travel was smooth and camp was restful.

Day 2: The workers started building the road and we found something dead with a bite out of it. We found some rats with their brains inside out. More creepy than dangerous. Later in the travels we found a pillar that had some writing on it. Faneoa translated it but didnt tell the rest of us… Later on we ran into three elven looking women. They claim that there is a party going on. They ended up being Hags of course. We killed them. Then at camp we ended up encountering a zombie beholder and his entourage. We killed them too. The rest of the night was peaceful.

Day 3: We continued building the road and it went well. We met a fellow named Quarters who is supposedly a Drow squadron leader according to Bardy I believe. We held a small dagger throwing competition. Faenoa and myself stepped up and I ended up taking the win with the best throw. It was very close between the three of us though. We then encountered a Night Hag and her entourage. A robotic bull of sorts, a sick looking troll and two other lesser creatures not worth mentioning. We ended up killing them too. We set camp right after and Bardy said something about a meteor landing about 30 miles to the east probably inside the Briarwall Forest.

Day 4: Faenoa spawned a giant pear in her sleep. She then complained about it for a good bit. We talked about Honkers getting turned into stone. Then set camp which was uneventful.

Day 5: We headed back to Ruined Oak and managed to get there with no incidents. We then took the party through the portal to find Vorimis to get Honkers back to his normal self. Then we parted ways with another mission successful.