Party: Zugall, Lysing, Marcus, Yatari, Balthier, Griters

Mission: Train the Militia

Appear weak when you are strong and appear strong when you are weak. -Sun Tzu

Day 1: We were introduced to Rotdan the Gaurd Captain. He asked us to train the new recruits and said we would patrol after three days of training. We spent the day harassing, I mean training the recruits. The training seemed to be effective. I could have done better. Yatari also told the recruits the importance of soap.

Day 2: Training was successful and Yatari taught the troops about the buddy system.

Day 3: Training was very successful and the recruits are gaining more insight on what it means to be a warrior. They will unfortunately be slaughtered in their first fight. They are so young and I know at least half of them will perish in their first major battle. I honestly don’t remember what Yatari told the recruits this day. I’m pretty sure she is insane.

Day 4: Training is over and the time has come to test these recruits in battle. I fear that this will discourage many of them from pursuing this venture. Hopefully I can keep them alive through these perils. At the end of our travel we ran into a group of ogres and goblins who after a long fight we managed to kill. We didn’t find anything of note. We gave the recruits a pep talk and camped. Camp was for the most part uneventful. Marcus did warn me about some trees that alter time or something.

Day 5: Travel was peaceful until we got to the road where the earthquake happened and a chasm formed to lead about ninety feet into the ground. We decided to press on and headed back to town without incident. When we arrived to the barracks Rotdan greeted us and thanked us for training the recruits.