DM: Revy

Players: Dr. Dred, Kett, Tarbin, Vic Tree, DeathMetal, Katla

The Party

This was my first Journey on this island and I met up with a group that was headed back to some Death Hole to discover the secrets of a skeleton Key that was found from the last attempt to pierce its darkness.

The key.

We travel to the destination which was a trap door in the ground. I thought this was a little strange as the door it self was mightily exposed to the elements and posed a very significant trip hazard if one did not know that it was there.

approximate location of the trap door

We entered the passageway that lead down to chamber below and began carefully making our way through the passageways. Soon we were beset upon by some hungry crocodiles of very large proportions. One of them almost devoured Kett.

Kett being devoured

Moving along we soon came to the door that the key belonged to. On the other side of the door we encountered a Jester who had been imprisoned there for what seemed to be a long time by some king.

We could tell that the Jester would be a challenge at best, if it was even possible to defeat him, so we humored him and decided to play a game. Someone suggested a game called lyars dice, which seem complicated at first due to a lengthy explanation. We played the game and beat the Jester who was the first one out. This earned both adoration and resentment between the Jester and Dr. Dred.

A large portion of the party then went on to explore the rest of the adjoining chambers, not sure what they really found except for some coins and stuff as my attention was focused elsewhere as one of our party members had fallen into a coma of sorts.

After the group was satisfied that they had explored enough we departed that dark place and headed back to Port Mirandia.