DM: Omelette


Date: 05/02/2022 – 21/02/2022

Party: 1-4

Qarlynd as Qar

Naizz as Chanterelle

SlyOkami as Brekker

TheOddity as Slissezh

Tiff_thatsit as Galli

Have a seat ye landlubber and listen to a seafolk’s telltale.

Aye we set off from the glistenin coast of Port Mirandia, ale in hand and party in tow, an’ set our sights south-south west.

The goal? Heck if I remember mate, somethin about cryptics and fey and satyrs, all too smartassy for me seafarin head.

Anyway, with our heading set, overland we went down into the Small Folk Forest, ye? Our target bein ’round Lileigh.

As we went, we did come’up on a hungry pack’o wolves, though Beralt managed to diffuse them from attackin us travellers.

Coming to camp down sometime at nightfall, and a damn cold night it was I tell ye, we set up to rest and formed the usual watches in n out.

Somethin right odd happened though as we laid about, a giant blue mushroom appeared outta damn nowhere, and the bleedin thing had a door on its side!

We checked it out ye, an a woman came outta the mushroom like its ye normal hut, followed up by an older scallywag, both lookin abit lost. Old codger was a bit cryptic If I might say about their situation and arrival, barely understood a word outta them both!

The woman, Clair
The man,

They later dissappeared, house n’all, bit baffling if you ask.

We continued our trek come daylight, bit warmer than the day before. As we entered the forest tho, damn place didnt seem to like that much. Trees came alive, and pummel us they did, bark for fists ye.

Angry tree

Afta a long slog we made it through, putting each beast-…plant?…Trees! down n’ outta our way. Trees man, ye landlubbers got no stranger flora. With the trees tho we also saw a right strange looking creature, prolly our culprit for the treewrestling.

We continued south, till night let us no more and camp was again raised.

Here again them two strange folk showed up with their mushroom hut, again cryptic as all seas, I couldnt get a right word down outta them.

Talkin about some prisoner, how they locked ‘im away and shite, aint understood nothin.

Anywho they and them mushroom teleported outta here again and we went on with our night, continuing south in the morn.

Eventually we made it to a town of smallfolk, tiny houses an walls, we went over and while they were a bit hostile at first, we made acquaintance and they let us in to talk.

Poor town was sufferin, post-attack by orcs, now addiction issues to a strange substance we believed the fey were spreadin. The townfolk named some bandits, we figured there be some connection and so set out to find them.

Trekkin our way through the forest, following a lead one of the town officials gave us, we came upon Miltun, which was indeed full of fey bandits.

We snuck about and found that the town was supplyin the drug from some alchemist nearby. To stave off that supply, we pirated some wagon on the way, cut down the bandits draggin it, and then followed another to the alchemist’s place.

We carefully made our way in, findin no sign of the fey bandits at first, but below we found a lab of…stuff. The fey were in big ol tanks of glass in some foul water, and the alchemist, was a bit mad.


They work for some masta or something, didnt wanna tell us who or where, also didnt wanna stop producing their shite so, we done tried to kill her and the mutated fey that came outta the tanks but, she just barely managed to skedaddle by dissappearing. We did find somethings in the lab though, before we blew it to hell and back. Something called a cryptic that the party was searchin for, and clues as to find a third.

Also got some weird ole cursed hand, gonna give that in to the town later..

Afta this odd job, we headed back home in a hurry, on the way seeing some odd dark knight cut down a satyre right beside a burnt lookin tree he then walked into.

Arrivin home at port mirandia, I hit the bucket, then hit the tavern.