Tl;dr : A terrible tragedy occurred on the latest work to build the road southwest of Port Mirandia. Several workers and one of the finest intellects of the age were lost to a pack of bird wolves.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Avert your gave when dealing with multilegged crimson-spined lizard.
•If you hear and feel a hum as magic using character, your magic might not work while causing a backlash if you try to cast.
•The road forking west has a three quarters complete road at the end.

Session Name : Who Wants To Go For A Stroll
Session DM : Tam
Session Date : 17 Jul 2021 @23:00 UTC

Allecks Jones (Wizard 3) with Bannon the familiar
•”Leader” “Cartographer”, “Chronicler” Barren (Sorcerer 4)
•”Trailblazer” Coral (Ranger 3)
•”Scout” Ithrael (Sorcerer 3)

We telling Ourselves a story

We find more roadwork needs to be done on the road forking of the road southwest of Port Mirandia. We meet the foreman and workers and head out. This day is clear and beautiful, warm, with a light wind. A spot of muddy road but we go around while listening to the Allecks Jones entity talk about his visions of the future, the Fey Agenda, the Vampire Agenda and the Fey Vampire Agenda possibly involving the “Obelisks” and “Five Gee”. The Ithrael entity meanwhile is talking about exploding orcs and paper warriors. Such knowledge.

We make it to the end of day with nothing of interest happening and push to reach the end of the road before camping for night. This will allow the workers to start work first thing in the morning. Our hunter fails Us and We have to eat rations. During night We are awoken by Ithrael to see a wounded and bloodied horse run into our camp. It will not accept help but seems to want to stay in the light, eventually falling asleep. We go back to sleep until the Alleck Jones entity is hollering for help as We are beset by bird agents of the Fey Agenda.

From the night sky We hear the flaps of large wings, the calls of large birds and can smell carrion. They attack Us immediately while the workers hide in the bushes. Three large birds in total, the battle is brief but We are triumphant. The bird’s claws match the wounds on the horse. Our watch starts and it is peaceful. We see what might be a shooting star but for it moves at a constant speed north to south. Something odd about that We do not comprehend.

We try to trick the Allecks Jones entity in the morning but he is too smart for Us. The horse is gone. The new day is hot but a brisk wind makes it tolerable. The workers start to work. As they work, we see a new creature. Ithrael names it a “bicorn” and Coral goes up and talks to it, and it eventually leaves. The work continues until a few of the workers stray off away from their work finding an ornate but broken statue near a cave, and a commotion starts.

The worker wants to take a piece of it away as a keepsake but there is a small crimson spined multilegged lizard with glowing eyes that is making calls of distress on it. We try to tell the worker to put it down and walk away but are not fast enough before the creatures mother approaches. We are required to defend this worker from the creatures it had antagonized.

This fight was daunting. We managed to capture the mother in webs as the Coral entity says to avoid its gaze. We saw the worker who had started all of this get stricken, unable to move, and next We saw them they were stone. While We were dealing with the mother, a larger one, father?, comes out of the cave. We briefly meet its gaze and feel unable to move but closing our eyes seemed to have helped after. While Our eyes were closed the mother and father were carefully dispatched. We briefly search the cave, finding many broken statues with bite marks through the stone and the shells of a recently hatched baby.

The workers continue, mourning the loss of the one who endangered everyone. We see a mass of carrion birds circling a nearby hill. We approach and scare them away with a loud noise, but the Coral entity is mad at Us saying he could have talked to them. Under the birds are many human and goblin bodies. We ask the Allecks Jones entity to use his powers to see the past and he says it was a battle, and part of the Vampire Recruitment efforts.

The workers continue and We see more “bicorns” but different. We know them as aurochs from another adventure and there are many. The Coral entity goes and talks with them a bit and they leave eventually. The workers finish this part of the road and night arrives. Our hunter fails again so We eat rations. We sleep and watch peacefully and try to trick the Allecks Jones entity again but again he is much smarter than Us.

In the morning as the workers start working on the next portion of the road it is a warm day with a pleasant breeze. We feel surprise that a group of Wagon Nomads approach behind up coming up the newly completed road but have a pleasant conversation with them.

The leader names himself Ruggert, and introduces Us to his wife and two teenaged children. They ask Us if any of us lost a book on the road and the Ithrael entity says he did and thankfully takes it back. We buy some food and then the Wagon Nomads continue going in the direction Our workers are building saying Wagon Nomads go where ever the roads take them. Someone asks the Ithrael entity about the book and he says something about spiders and obelisks or something.

The workers continue working as We smell a bad smell. It is the smell of rotting death. The Coral entity discovers a dead deer carcass and burns it to cleanse the area. The workers continue working.

Further along in day, We begin to feel an unsettling hum and our skin gets goosebumps. We know We should not use our abilities but are uncertain what will happen. The Coral entity tries to use magic and is stricken with pain and blood drips from his nose. Before We can decide what to do we hear the howls of wolves and the screeching of birds. The Ithrael entity points behind Us at many approaching bird wolves, and this startles the Allecks Jones entity into falling off the wagon he was sitting on.

Before anyone could help, the Alleck Jones entity is surrounded by the bird wolves. We still feel the hum and know We can do nothing to help him so We run. The Coral entity tries to fight them back but it is too late for the Alleck Jones entity. The last We saw of him as We ran, he was being dragged away by the bird wolves to be a sumptuous banquet. All that knowledge lost forever, is quite saddening to think about. The Ithrael entity can apparently make himself fly briefly and was able to kill a few wolves from the air with a crossbow.

We continue to run, eventually discovering the remains of a old castle tower. We bravely encourage the workers to follow Us, hoping to find some safety in its crumbling walls. We did try to help the Coral entity with Our power but it did not work, and hurt Us quite badly. The Coral entity managed to evade the wolves and join the Us and the workers that had gone this direction, the Ithrael entity joins as well. We huddle there until the screams of the workers that ran the other direction stop.

We slowly leave our temporary sanctuary and quietly approach the scene of the battle. We find one worker who managed to escape, the rest are all presumably dead. Night is quickly approaching and none of Us can use Our powers so We decide to push back to the east along the road to get away from this bad hum.

The night is eventful, save for the Coral entity having a brief chat with a molerat. The day is another nice day, warm with a light breeze. We set our course for Port Mirandia. Halfway through the day we hear beastly roars to our west and catch a glimpse of a large dinosaur with short arms and tell the workers to run. They listen and We run Ourselves. Night falls but We do not want to risk camp so We push Ourselves to make it back to Port Miranda. We go with Our group to have a drink to the fallen and plot revenge of the Fey Vampire Agenda.