DM: Seph
Date of mission: 3/5/21
Title of mission: Brand New Horizons

I will try to make things short this time around, First we set out to return a scroll called the “Celestial Spider” to Lady Moonflower. And Second we helped Balthier bring his daughter to the light. We started from Ruined Oak, Heading west into the Land that has become desolate.

Even the cold Winter should not account for the lack of animals, No this is defiantly something more. My thoughts are only reflected by the unnatural Darkness covering vast landscapes, We did not want to bring attention to ourselves so I was forced to travel without light, Luckily Zugall led me.

First we travelled to Balthiers objective, the redemption of a soul. We entered into a Hell Scape, Flesh covered the walls, faces could be seen contorting within it. Nameless undead mindless… my worst nightmares come to life, I had faith, The Broken Lord, demanded that I have faith.

My Faith in my lord proved strong, as I was able to witness after a small ceremony the birth of a benevolent being. The mere change in this being changed the Hell scape to that of a lush forest, Metal replaced with wood, flesh with grass or other foliage.
This for me was enough of a reward, not only would the Crying God have me help, I was an instrument that brought more benevolence into the world.

After resting within this new old place, we headed out to return the scroll of the Celestial Spider and talk with Lady Moonflower.

After talks with Lady Moonflower was over we headed back to ruined oak, I was very happy when we left the unnatural darkness and I could see normally once more.

Please Stay Safe out there my friends
Marcus Wellspring