DM: Calmseeker
Mission Date: 6-February-2021
Mission Name: Impromptu for Honor’s Trail

Party: Zugall – (Fighter 5) Shrieker –(Ranger 5) Marcus –(Cleric 5) Gau – (Druid 6)
Tenfoll’at – (Warlock 1, Wizard 6) Jyn – (Cleric 6) Don – (Cleric 8)

Weather was proving favorable for this mission, the continuation of the building of honors road. After taking stock of what we had, we took off to meet the workers, Now I wont bore you with every detail of this mission, the guarding, the patient nights no.. I am just going to get into the very core of the information that I feel needs to be relayed.

Lets start with a Demon, by the name of Balfor raised from the bowels of hell by Crommwell… sound familiar? It should that name has been showing up a lot recently,

Yama Orochi

Despite fighting Balfor and his hell hounds, we eventually had to run from a Gaint Multi Headed snake that I learned is called a Yama Orochi… Over all this mission was a astounding Failure, Several workers died, very little road got done, and who knows what has been undone since these beings are actively hunting out sacrifices for Cromwell.

I can only hope to redeem myself and help finish this road so the fallen workers didn’t die for nothing.
Stay safe out there my friends,
Marcus Wellspring