Tl;dr: A group of adventurers are tasked with guarding some of Port Mirandia’s workers while they work on a road to the southwest. They fight an ogre, some bugbears, some bandits, some hydras, some ghasts and lastly a young white dragon. Surprisingly, all the adventurers and workers return unharmed, if exhausted.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The road southwest of Port Mirandia has one hex left to build.
•The silver dragon Argentius asked that his message of “he’ll (the dragon) be in the mountains southwest (of the hex the group encountered the dragon) to a cleric named Marcus.
•A small brass statue of a halfling with likely halfling writing was found but untranslated. A rubbing was made of the words.

Session Title : Impromptu – Hoping that Unity will work for Calmseeker
Session DM : Calmseeker
Session Date : 26 June 2021 @ 00:30 UTC

•”Scout” Barry (Fighter 4/Cleric 1)
•”Trailblazer” Gargot (Barbarian 1/Druid 5)
•”Cartographer” Murdrum (Warlock 2/ Sorcerer 7)
•”Leader” and “Chronicler” Twee (Ranger 8)
•WazeLander (Mystery Fighter 8)

Barry talk about latest trip

Barry and group tasked to help guard some road worker led by Foreman Philford while work on road southwest of Port Mirandia. Barry and group travel throughout day with no interruption. Barry think see something while travelling but blink and gone. Barry and group set camp for night. Barry was impressed by Master WazeLander’s bounty of food found. Barry sleep, watch, sleep. Day arrive, worker start work.

Barry think see something in morning but blink and gone again. Barry not notice until just before, angry ogre and many bugbear run up and attack. Ogre run up hit Barry, Barry sleep. Barry wake up, throw thing but not know what happen. Barry look round and group manage to kill all bugbear. Barry and group rest while worker work until night. Barry think see something again but not see.

Barry sleep then watch. See smouldering fire during watch, wake group. Goliath Gargot go look, come back, sleep. Goblin Twee go look, say camp of our many bugbear friend and track going northwest. Barry finish watch, sleep. Sun arrive and Barry and group and worker go southwest. Barry see herd of many large creature, name elephant. Goliath Gargot go and talk elephant. Barry watch elephant talk and worker work.

Barry notice three human in bush. Tell group. Group respond, then three human say to give them our money. Barry and group say give your money. Since neither happen, Barry and group and bandit fight. Bandit die quickly, and not have much gold. Barry think they not very good bandit. Worker keep working. Near river Barry see seven goblin, but they run away before Barry can even say he saw. Night come, Barry sleep, watch, sleep. Goblin Twee saw a pile of bone during watch. Workers work.

Day here, Barry and group and worker go south west. Worker work. Near river Barry not see two hydra until they nearly upon Barry and group. Barry and group fight. Barry and group win. Barry think see something again but not see. Worker work. Barry see pond, then see dinosaur. Goliath Gargot go and talk dinosaur. Night come. Barry sleep, watch and sleep. Clockguy find small bronze statue during Barry sleep. Statue have writing, but no one read.

Sun up, Barry and group and worker go southeast. Worker work. Barry see pool of blood. Goblin Twee find dead horse. Barry see griffon flying southeast then see pile of body, human and gnoll. Goblin Twee think see someone living, ask for help healing. Barry wait, Barry think dead not need. Goblin Twee try to pour healing potion but attacked by ghast. Barry and group dispatch ghast, then burn pile of body. Barry and group not know why body pile in first place. Barry and group rest while worker work. Evening arrive, food found. Barry sleep, watch, hear something during watch but not see, sleep. Barry woke by Goliath Gargot shouting dragon.

Barry wake up real fast, ask Tempus for light, see silver dragon. Silver dragon say name Argentius, looking around area for white dragon. Cautions Barry and group about said dragon. Silver dragon ask for hair of humanoid onto magic mirror that will retain image of hair owner. Dragon ask for cleric named Marcus who it had met before. Dragon ask Barry and group to deliver message to Marcus that Dragon will be at mountain to southwest.

Morning arrive. Barry and group think worker need to return back to Port Mirandia. Worker need break. Foreman say one stretch of road unbuilt, but think another time better. Barry and group and worker follow new road back to Port Mirandia. Midday Barry see white dragon flying toward Barry and group and worker, hunger in it eye. Barry and group fight for life. Goblin Twee break bow, but Barry and group win. Barry and group rest. Barry fix Goblin Twee bow, then Barry and group agree with worker to push to Port Mirandia for safety.