“Without Integrity and honor, having everything means nothing.” -Robin Sharma

GM: Calmseeker


Zugall – The strongest Rune Knight in the AFK. Also a member of Pebble Toss Inc. (Fighter 5)

Shrieker – Unmatchable in his abilities with his loyal friend Wilber. Also a member of Pebble Toss Inc. (Ranger 5)

Marcus – The Lord of the Rack keeps him on Track along with his trusty colt… Bolt. (Cleric 5)

Gau – A friend of animals and plants. Young and full of life. (Druid 6)

Tenfoll’at – A peculiar individual who has questionable taste in style yet very effective in a fight. (Warlock 1, Wizard 6)

Jyn – A dwarf and another powerful cleric this one with the power of the forge on their side. (Cleric 6)

Don – A cleric who dances with death and most likely understands it better than most. (Cleric 8)

Day 1

We gathered as seven and left to meet the workers who were to be building the continued project know as the road of Honor’s Trail. On our way there we spotted a peculiar cloth scarf discarded on the road. Gau and his adventurer’s soul naturally picked it up and put it on. As soon as he made contact with the cloth it seemed to age him unnaturally. Hopefully they have learned from this and will be more careful in the future but I fear this will not be the case. With Shrieker’s new carriage and Wilber pulling it we were able to get to the first road construction site within the day.

Day 2

After making it through a quiet night the workers were off building the road. Soon there after we had run into a sizeable group of goblins. However their first and last mistake was thinking that we were easy targets. In short order the Goblins were dispatched and their belongings became our own. A few hours later the group had spotted some lions in the distance which Shrieker and Gau managed to keep calm. Gau had apparently learned to shape his body into that of a Lion. Apparently its called Wildshaping which is some sort of Druidic magic that I have only cursory knowledge.

Day 3

After another reasonably quiet night the morning began with more road work. In a few hours we noticed a few of my less reasonable kin approaching. An Ettin a wild giant and a lowly ogre had fallen upon us. Wilber had managed to knock down the Ettin during the fight and I took advantage of this by restraining the beast as Wilber finished him with a whip of his tail crushing not one but both heads of the monster. Wilber has become a mighty fine companion to Shrieker. I look forward to taming one myself some day. Later on we had run into more fearsome enemies. A Demon calling himself Balfor his pet hellhound and a Barbed Devil. It wasn’t our finest work but after a long grueling fight we managed to take down the fiends. As Balfor was being banished from this plane once again he said his master Crommwell had re-summoned the creature known as a Yama Orochi.

Day 4

After the night passed we set off to build another chunk of the road but we were attacked by the Yama Orochi which is a beast I hope never to set my eyes upon again. It had at least seven heads and according to other logs I have read it sounds like it resembles a Hydra of sorts. However we didn’t stand around to find out what it wanted. We had decided that our job was done and we saved what workers we could and retreated. The Yama Orochi had already done its damage though and our road project was halted for now. We decided to return home with the greatest treasure we could ask for… Our lives. Hopefully another more experienced group can find and destroy this beast. I would recommend restraining it or casting a slow spell on it. Both if its possible. I also heard that it might be weak to fire from another party member. We didn’t have time to test that theory though as the retreat was sounded rather quickly.

Day 5

This was a quiet day as we focused mostly on returning to Ruined Oak. Happy with our lives and the treasures we managed to find. We arrived safely to Ruined Oak. If you ever find yourself needed of some good friends and company come swing by the Pebble Toss Inc. Guildhall in Port Mirandia. We are full of friendly faces and would love to share some tales with you! And always remember when in doubt give Pebble Toss a shout!