26th jan. 2021

Gau the Panther
Leofyr the Cat
Nuemu the Rat
Kurl the Owl
Tuwidin the Goat
Bardy the Goose

Maybe too intelligent? Oh, wait…

As a member of The Order I, Nuemu,  hereby swear the following to be (mostly) true.

There we go, with the official stuff out of the way let me repeat, I got a dragon soul-companion. Appearently he’d been hidden in my spirit for a while, but I’m getting ahead of myself… again.

Arena week is upon us, so a tiny Hedgehog named Erina invited me and some fellow adventurers along to search our souls. The group surrounding me had clearly alot of experience on the Island, while I’m still drinking the stuff I brought from back home.

Offering the hedgehog a ride we strode along through town, while chatting about which animal represented our spirits. I would usually haven gone for a snake or something, but the list was limited to a few animals. We each chose a unique animal (listed above.)

Erina told us to go find her four items while embodying the spirit of our animals. She gave us some vague descriptions of the items before sending us forward to a noblemans house. As we came closer the house grew to the size of a mountain – or rather, I shrunk to the size of a tiny rat. The rest of my party transformed into the animals of their choice.

Figuring we had to infiltrate the place Bardy the Goose flew me up to the upper floor windows, while some distraction went on downstairs. Breaking in through the open bathroom window I figured out a way for Bardy to enter a bedroom and carry a pillow, one of the four items, to some drop-off.


Then, sneaking deeper into the mansion I attempted to lure out some housekeeping to steal a broom, again one of the items, but the distraction had expanded into a full blown riot, so my silly attempt went unnoticed. I mean, what’s a bit of dirt on the floor, when the tiger rampages on the stairs.

Instead I went to the library to look for a small duster, which would also fulfill the requirements, but instead found a full sized broom. I tried carrying it to the door, only to realize I had no way to open this massive gate enough to bring the broom through.

Luckily Kurl the Owl came to my rescue as guards breached my sanctum. It was in the nick of time as we flew to safety.

In the meantime my team had secured the white cueball and a wheel of cheese, the last items.

Erina was quite pleased with our efforts and allowed us to manifest our spirits as companions to care for. And yes, I did say my spirit was a rat, but as she had been impressed with both Leofyr the Cat and my myself, she allowed one of us a special gift.

Being prepared for exactly this sort of situation we brought forth the dice and rolled on it. As the victor my spirit manifested as the magnificient copper dragon Jardeis.

So that’s the story of how Jardeis joined our community, please don’t be alarmed next time you see him soar the city skies.