DM Krgoret93

Players: Marcus, Ivan, Kaida, Zugall, Amal, and ME.

On the way to the farm we found a chest with no making with some coins and gems which was nice, the we reached the farm and talked the farmer. He told us that someone was stealing his grapes and thorns had grown up in his field. Searching for clues we found a trail of Satyr tracks and followed them to a group of Satyr and spoke with the one named Gall.

Gall was drunk and drinking wine, we ask what was so special about the grapes and he proposed a game
where he asked us a riddle. we answered his riddle correct so he took us to his leader drach, he wanted help with something.
It turns out some night cats took over their territory. Also we should also should look for someone named corella, a nature lady of some sort.

after answering two riddles he told us his home was one day west. We should look for multicolored trees and a natural sculpture, Grey leaf is their founder.

we found a silver fork in a field, dropped by one of the satyr perhaps?

we found tracks of paw print maybe four, we then found the satyr camp and killed two displacer beast, afterward Lady Nassella a dryad who had slain the two other displacer beast and then hid in a tree. The Grey Leaf was the name of this fey clan.

NW of the Satyr shine area we were told that there is a guarded portal that takes people to the fey court.
Lady Nasselle also told us that the Gnolls have been corrupting fey for some unknown reason.

I saw an unreported castle on a nearby hill during my night watch, and as we patrolled west the next day, the party met Fredric who was hunting food for his keep, called black chasm keep. Maybe it is the castle we saw, his lord Coel Frewer oversee everything within the keep. after some discussions it seems to be the same castle we saw.

apparently his lord is recovering or resting’s from some battle that had occurred and Fredric also told us that fire spout from the four towers at certain times, seems the castle lord like fire. He then said sometime he feels like something flyby that too fast for him to really sees. We did not experience that on our journey.

However he said something strange, that the beast of the forest do not bother “Humans of his kind” (What the heck does that mean???)

On the way back we were attacked while camping by some fire wielding kobolds, that killed two fleeing humans. we killed them and made it back to the farm and then pushed through through the next to get home.