Party: Zugall, Marcus, Shrieker, Bardy, Astray, Faneoa, Griters, Gau

One’s destination is never a place, but always a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller

Our journey started with a Tabaxi named Lost Sprinkles who had asked for a package to be delivered to Ruined Oak. Normally this would be an easy task but due to the nature of what lies inside the box, portals and teleportation magics could not be used. We loaded up Wilber and set upon our path.

Towards the evening of our first day of travel we arrived upon what seemed to be a battle of sorts between gnolls and humans. The remnants indicated that they were in the middle of fighting with each other when another unknown party came and finished both groups off. Unfortunately a short time later we also had a run in with this third party. I don’t think they were ready for us as the group they fought last were likely already wounded from their battle. We were in fighting shape and fresh. We fought a few crab men, some wolves, a worm with face tentacles and a two headed bull. These were not much of a threat but they did all posses the ability to burrow under the snow if not the ground which could be dangerous to those less seasoned than our group. Afterwards we made it to the outpost and set up for the night.

The next day we were travelling when we spotted a small tower who was the property of a man named Danny Voy. He normally has his tower veiled from others but had forgotten to place his enchantment over the tower this day. He claims that he is studying the stars and mentioned that he has been seeing more and more gnoll patrols in the area. We decided to head off towards the Rehope dwarves after a brief conversation with Danny Voy.

We were welcomed into the Rehope trading post which seems to be doing well. I bought a few things but mostly Cold weather clothes as the town’s supply is quite low and new adventurers are in need. I managed to fashion a harness for Gau’s companion Bagheera while we were there as well. We left afterwards and headed towards the next outpost. While on the way we spotted a dilapidated mansion which we of course decided to investigate.

The first few minutes passed by uneventful aside from a few cows taking refuge in the lower floors of the mansion. A bit later I heard fighting and yelling on the upper floors. I knew Shrieker was up there so I ran up to assist. I saw Faneoa fighting as I crested the top of the stairs. I assumed that’s where everyone else was as well so I made a jump to clear the gap between us. After a short few seconds a giant fly attacked me and managed to grab hold of me and before I knew it we were about twenty feet above the floor. Before I could even retaliate I was falling to the ground when Bardy waved his hands and my rapid descent slowed to a gentle caress. I heard screaming upstairs and what sounded like Shrieker being attacked. I couldn’t find where he was so I smashed through the wall next to me hearing screaming from the other side. I saw a strange beast which I quickly dispatched with my warhammer. The man Faneoa was fighting decided to run after she accidentally made a hole in the floor with thunderwave. We then finished the fight and set up camp and rested for the night.

The next day we set out and discovered a mummy in our path. Those with the ability to attack from a distance dispatched the mummy only to realize it was part of a much larger force. Before we knew it Minotaur Skeletons, Zombies and some weird shark jaw skeleton looking creatures were upon us. These zombies weren’t your typical zombies as they wore turbans and as they approached they seemed to suck the very water out of the air around them. I felt myself grow tired as the moisture from my body was absorbed. Shortly into the fight Marcus turned the undead with the power of his faith and a voice boomed out basically saying that Vongrimath’s Army will destroy the land or something. Some people claim they had visions but I had not been so ‘fortunate’. While we continued on our way we found a giant maze littered with signs that read “Danger demi-lich ahead! Proceed at own peril!” We decided to leave that for another adventure as we still had a box to deliver. We found a set of ruins that read upon the walls, “May the land of the Tabaxi stay strong forever.” We rested here and headed out the next morning.

Gau on his watch last night discovered a sign that read, “Stein Conclave for Good Mead.” This interested some of the party so we set out to find this brewery. We travelled a short distance northwest and we found “Stein’s Conclave.” They were apparently promised a sugar delivery by the group who built the road who never showed up. We will report this and maybe they will get that delivery. He told us of patron Halgard Stoneyfist had not arrived and might be lost. Of course as soon as we left we found her in the snow sort of stuck. We pulled her out and went on our way. On the way back we saw the Fish Eye Clan fishing and Gau gave them some rations when they mentioned they were in need of food.

Finally we arrived at Port Mirandia and delivered the box. What I can say about this mission is that it takes a lot longer than one thinks to travel on foot to Port Mirandia from Ruined Oak. I am definitely more grateful for the portals we have.