Day 1

abandoned farm houses First part of first day of travel Saw birds and pickign at the ice on the edge of the River
part two of day one come across a pair of travelers whos cart is stuck in the mud we approach to help the cart the figures cower and are afraid for a momant the older man is human he doesnt attack Jarvin is his name he and his wife are going to winter in port mirandia. ander and I are able to Unstick the Jarvins wagon Jarvins farm is two hours south of port mirandia on the river part Three of Day one arrive at the area wheres Jarvins farm was. we contemplate staying at Jarvins emprty Farmstead we decid to enter the woods and Camp Part four of day one we investagate some barking and or shouting Noises and we come across a Group of people building a snow pile atop a globe of magic attempting to freeze the people inside out of it. they seem to be armed We conspire to figure out what it happening with the bubble in the center we begin an ambush and then after the ambush began Decs was attacked beggning the combat
The enimies were Birddog hybrids along with some magic Vanishing dogs? and bandits after slaying the Bandits and a giant horsefly we met a man named Usher and he was out collecting firewood when he found a stash of bandit treasure he offered us some protective magic company for the night and directions to the Craw Jung tribe. he knows Jarvin And thanks us for rescuing him and helping Jarvin even calling us true heros the night passes Uneventfully

Day 2

Chilly air cracking snow the air is frosting on our breath we move freely through the forest until we smell the scent of blood and hear chanting we deliberate on what to do then decide to see what is going on. the woods darken and clouds gather as we enter into a small clearing in which is a mesa atop the mesa is a Gnoll holding a bloody heart attempting to summon corruption and or a demon with Blood magic that all goes Over my head I may not be the sharpest knife in the draw but that’s bad suddenly I was spotted by the Gnoll but Decs shot the Gnoll dead

Major Combatsuddenly the circle began to bubble for some reason suddenly the forest attacked and flying, snakes ravens, a freaking leaperd, hawks and even the plants began assaulting us. a snake bit me its venom burning through my veins i shot it and killed it but more attacked us more and more Gritters Pebblefinge burned many a snake that day flying ones in patulicur blue punched a bird and ander was bravely fighting the leopard amber was creating a defensive barrier of twilight light deks was attacking anything that he could I saw a BloodHawk Attacking Blue so ferociously that the other animals seemed to be empowered. A hawk that i Shot at earlier nearly tore anders helmet off. the same sworm of ravens nearly pecked her eyes out she fell and was unconsious the ravens Gnawing at her flesh ander was attacked by a snow lepord the first attack its claws missed and then it hit with a bite andor suprisingly left himself exposed with a careful swing amber then healed Blue befoer the ravens attacked her once more she then rang a bell which rotted the snow lepored from the inside out killing it and a hawk attempted to attack blue missing by an inch the next hawk was lucky but thankfully ambers Glowing light field kept her from getting hit suddenly a great caconaphy rang out like a chandileer shattering and the earth grinding all at once as Gritters Pebblefinge did a spell of some kind killing two hawks and nearly killing the raeven swarming above blue I shot at the swarm attacking gritters and began to cast a spell to hasten my movement allowing me so quickly run to ambers side covering her back Gritters then shot a spell that i kenw into the ravens stopping them dead in there tracks Decs attacked the ravens once more stabbing as calling down shadows to swarm the swarm anders was brutly attacked by the Bloodhawk and began to move through the assult to the raven swarm Blue cursed as ravens continued to attack her though Ambers Glowing light field Came up to stop blud from rising to the surface or wounds from forming on blus skin amber took her glowing hammer and used it to slam a blood hawk out of the air but didnt kill it blue revitalized began to use the six astral arms and rip the swarm apart. with that, the tide had turned and we were victorious.

out of the woods however came a Hobgoblin Named opal Of the Craw Jung Tribe Gritts attempted to diplomacy with the Hobgobin and told of the fact that the eastern side of the Island had been taken over by the Gnolls and blood cultiests after freeling that we told the truth The Hobgoblin named Opal offered to give us passage to her tribes elders. telling us of the Other tribes the Center ones leader Zulgor. The Craw Jaw tribe as well as the fish eye and the RuffRuff are allied togeather against the CenterVally tirbe lead by Zulgor With amber dispelling the Bloody curse with Bless

Opal guided us to a vally in which was a Skeleton one of giant preportions. we set up camp in its rib cage roasting chesnuts on an open fire with honey glaze to sweenten them up we ate crabapples with gusto we then set down to rest blue stated in the morning that a pack of wolves drank water it was supossedly beautiful We saw a hulking figure during the night it didn’t harass us so deks and I didn’t bother it.

Opal brought us to her tribes home uneventfully the tribe moves seasonally living in yurts during the winter she guided us to the chieftin Gritters Told the chief about what happened to white moon cove and how the Gnoll iNvadors were learning blood magic and were possibly going to attack the Hobgoblins and The Port Mirandia cove we learned that the tribes band togeather against larger threats. the Craw Jung tell us that the best way to keep the Craw Jungs happy is to respect the forest All Hobgoblins would be in defense of the Forest including the warring tribes, So says Chief Soothma of the Craw Jung Tribe. He also told us the In the north Live Giants and they live just north above the Craw Jung the three tribes are THE gray The Brown And The Darker Grey

they will eat you they will grind your bones to flour. So says Chief Soothma.

Chief Soothma says that the Hobgoblins Of the Craw Jung Tribe would be intrested in the trading of Metal weapons good bows and arrows Metal tools.

The Glern Forest is the most dangerous near the end of winter the Hobgoblins call the Forest in hobgoblin The land of provision.

we established peace trade and allince talks with the Craw jung tribe, and opal guides us back to the road we pass a small turquoise mine And find that it was once created by humans

Opal told of that the Ogers cam from the west and the giants are not friends of the Giant and didn’t come into craw jung Lands

we ran into a dwarf named gravel who sold me good cold weather cloths.