Tl;dr: A second group from Ruined Oak was sent with seasoned workers to finish a partially completed outpost, with success.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The outpost southeast of Ruined Oak is complete.
•Wyverns are bothering centaurs from the Wise Hoof Clan and giant eagles from the mountain in Cuda Down. (region southwest from Ruined Oak, across the river.)
Zoddoroth, a fiend servant of Baphomet is looking for devils to test its might against.
Erebor, a cursed skeletal warrior riding a skeletal horse is looking for its sworn enemy, followers of Baphomet.
•A cult of Loviatar is selling succubus bath water to raise funds, having fallen on hard times competing with the cult of Vongrimath.

Session Title: Out to post a building.
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 27 Mar 2022 @ 01:00 UTC
Session Risk: 7

Barry (Cleric 4/Fighter 5) (played by Tootired78)
Cavendish (Fighter 7/Warlock 1) with Gamma the mount (played by Troy)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 10) (played by Le Count)
•Kirnis (Sorcerer 4/Warlock 4) (played by Genthrock)
Sapphire (Monk 6) (played by Arden)
Vivi (Sorcerer 6) (played by Konopa)

Barry and group assembled to go protect worker from danger while worker finish outpost start by other group. Foreman Philford lead worker group. Barry and group and worker leave Ruined Oak on rainy day. Rain all day. Barry and group see old stone pillar with glyph. Barry read Leonid and know from reading no touch. Barry tell group no touch, and worker no touch.

Barry and group and worker sleep peaceful first night. Someone notice large doll, with blue paint and mouth open wide, but it not move, so it left to be. Morning next day is cold, foggy. Barry and group approached by wagon. It Blaker the Saleman, offering that stupid succubus bath water that Psychic Nunde ruined. Barry and group do not buy any, Blaker the Saleman talk about needing to raise funds for the cult of Loviatar as the cult of Vongrimath has been taking most of the local cult resources, humanoid, financial, whatever. Barry not kill cultist on sight but Barry not care about cultist problem.

Later in day, Barry and group see five hawk fly overhead, but hard to see. Misty and overcast. This cause problem as Barry and group not notice group of translucent figure approach. Two are ghostly women with hollow eye. Two spectral. Behind them draegloth demon and howler demon. Barry and group fight and win! Tattooed on draegloth naming it a “Follower of Zoddoroth.”

Rest of day uneventful and Barry and group and worker once again have peaceful night. In morning, Barry and group see herd of centaur gallop by, then later see same herd talk to giant eagle. Barry not really listen but think group say centaur and eagle talk about wyvern, and how many wyvern threaten Cuda Down.

Near end of second day, Barry and group and worker approach by sapphire dragon, dragonling and wyvern, obscured by mist. Dragon have plate wearing, glaive holding dragonborn rider, Barry and group fight, Barry and group win! Dragon breath kill some worker. Dragon and dragonborn talk during fight, but Barry not know what say. Worker finish outpost.

During night, Barry and group woken by watch at approach of massive, almost giant creature, face not of this realm. It hold two massive great sword, one in each hand. Goblin Dakka Doon talk to it in giant language, tell Barry later that it was to test it strength against Barry and group. But it realize none of Barry and group fight the way it want to fight. It say it look and hope to find devil to fight.


It say name Zoddoroth, and it servant of Baphomet. Barry know Baphomet is archdemon, name Prince of Beast, and ruler in Abyss. Barry happy Zoddoroth not want fight. Barry think draegloth from earlier belong to Zoddoroth, but Barry not mention that. Zoddoroth get bored with Barry and group, transform into flying beastial form and fly away to west.

Zoddoroth, Beast Form (various angles)

In morning, Barry and group and worker begin return to Ruined Oak. Late in morning, Barry and group pass by altar that was not there before. Determine it dedicate to Lathander, and let it be. In afternoon as Barry and group pass by ominous scarecrow watching over barren field, see in distance, shadowy rider approach.

As it get closer, Barry and group see both rider and horse skeletal. Rider wear cloak, and engraved crown on head, carry long sword. Speaking in common, a male voice say it had been inspecting briarwall for “his allies”, and then perusing the dead around White Moon Cove for the bodies of its sworn enemy, the Followers of Baphomet.


When asked about his name he respond saying no longer remember, but a vampire has since named him Erebor. He talk about curse of vengeance keeping him on material plane. Goblin Dakka Doon tell Erebor about Zoddoroth and where. Erebor thank Barry and group and head off in that direction.

Barry and group and worker return back to Ruined Oak.