Tl;dr: A small group of adventurers begin the long process of clearing the area around the Forge Citadel. It was brief though as their numbers were insufficient to make significant progress.

Future Adventure Notes:
•Some of the large creatures around the Forge contain magic stones that the dwarves can use to make runes to enhance items.
•Do not attempt to fly higher than 95 feet in the area. At 100 feet, the Forge defenses will disintegrate.
•Wild magic and null magic zones can appear at random. Varying in size, arcana can be used to check which type of zone.
•The magic zones are caused by the Forge randomly, there are other effects such as suddenly moving a few feet in a random direction. Some people might acquire an ability that allows to resist this.
•Further environmental hazards to be expected.
•The dwarves have two shops with goods available for purchase.

Session Title : Forge Assault
Session DM: Geokhan
Session Date : 29 Aug 2021 @ 23:00 UTC

Bardy (Bard 11/Cleric 1) with Sisyphus the Pegasus
Eight (Monk 12/Wizard 2)
Griters (Wizard 10)

~A recollection of a brief excursion~

Recently, a small group of us (it was supposed to be larger I believe,) were collected by Eight with the intent of further exploration of the volcano caldera around the Forge Citadel. The dwarves had successfully constructed a small fort around the teleportation circle used to enter the area. In talking with Eight, they were interested in assistance in taming the wild magics surrounding the rest of the Forge Citadel. (To my understanding, this is a necessary process to enter the Forge itself, needing the area to be secured before it will lower its defenses. I have no idea what is supposed to be inside.)

We set out from Ruined Oak and had no issues making it to the teleportation circle to the southwest. Upon arrival we received a friendly greeting from dwarves who were anticipating our arrival. They activated the teleportation circle, and in the blink of an eye we were in the mountains, at their newly constructed fort.

We met several individuals; The leader of the dwarves here named Klorpmunder; The master of the general store, Gruk; An armsdealer named Delver; and a group of esteemed warriors named the Vanguard. (We met the Vanguard individually, one is a mage, one an axe thrower and the other a mighty maul wielder, but alas, my memory of their names was lost to their collective one. The shops the dwarves have set up are filled with various miscellaneous goods, some of which are hard to come by in AFK shops.)

Gruk and Delver
The Vanguard

Klorpmunder explained to us the mechanics of their goal of taming the wild magics around the forge. Within each area is a node that must have a ten minute ritual done (in scroll form, provided by Gruk) to cleanse it, making that area safe. At the various corners, (they had a map for us to see) there are altars that must have the same ritual done. Towards each corner the elemental planes are bleeding through aswell, making them environmentally dangerous. We were told that protection and precaution should be taken when approaching the extremes.

Additionally, Klorpmunder told us about how the larger beasts in the area have absorbed so much raw magic that it has coalesced into a magic stone. The dwarves value these stones and were willing to buy them from us. They said they could use them to further study and eventually produce runes that might be useful to all adventurers. There was mention aswell that anyone flying (they looked directly at me for this part,) must stay below one hundred above the ground, that the Citadel defenses disintegrate anything that flies higher. (you can be darn sure me and Sisyphus stayed as close to the ground as possible after hearing that.)

The dwarves graciously let us stay at the fort to rest up for the coming day. We decided that we preferred heading towards the cold areas east than the warm areas south (naively thinking we would get further than a few feet in.) Almost immediately upon entering the area Sisyphus and I were rendered briefly unconscious. When I woke we were already in a fight for our lives. Thank Oghma we had only grabbed the attention of the creatures at the very edge of the area.

During this fight, (versus some very large wooly rhinoceri?, mirror spiders with magic and some imps in the thrall of some one further than we could see,) the area around us would shift every few seconds. A column of wild magic appeared at one point, and another Sisyphus and I were teleported a few feet away. (somehow Eight and Griters were more resistant than us, I should ask them how they did that.) The large rhinoceri each produced a magic stone upon its demise. We collected these stones and hastily made our escape before more came upon us.

Magic Stone

The dwarves were quite happy with the stones we did find though, saying that just those two was enough for them to start their endeavours into rune magic. They had a large celebration, (they allowed me to perform for them, I tried my best.) We spent the night again with the dwarves before returning to Ruined Oak the next day.