Dramatis Personae:

Party arrived in desert with a singular goal; to retrieve the artifact in the desert in hopes of aiding our Rehope allies. We completed this mission without issue. Upon arriving, we were met with suspicion by the Khenra. Later, we found that a small scouting party under the request of Onnuphi were following us; we considered losing them, but decided to allow them to follow us. It is fortunate they were not mistaken for a common bandit, as we had run into those on the way as well.

Not far from our destination, we met a circle of Desert Druids, among which Yuba spoke with us of their ability to remove radiation over time, but that they needed us to clear the ruins. They happened to be heading to the same ruins as our goal, so we gladly helped them along.

Not long after, we were confronted by an Efreeti and his gang of fire elemental bandits. He fell soon enough.

Upon arriving at the site, having left the druids and the Khenra scouts behind, we inspected the ruins, coming across Talos corpses as well as dwarven writing showing us where the entrance to a tomb of some sort was hidden beneath the sand. We continued through the tomb, making short work of the zombies, some of which Talos, and then to a series of ancient dwarven creations, as well as a formidable bone golem. None of these threats presented an endangerment to the mission. We retrieved what we found, and returned, letting the druids continue their work. Faenoa has been tasked with making the hand off to our allies, should anyone need to contact the courier.

Desert Druid sighting, destination marked in red.
Yuba the Desert Druid