Party: Furrball, Kadar, Stark, Sapphire, Nunde, Vivi
APL: 3

Party head east, to unlucky farmer I don’t remember how far, boredom set in maybe one hour after we left Ruined Oak, party not very talkative, trudge along in silence but most were probably speaking in head, some strange thing hearing people speak directly in head. Farmer think hoodlems digging holes, well hoodlems … they some sort of cult all wear flowing robes and symbol, strange…. Nunde jump in holes find things with symbols on them told some sor of Brothers Iron tribe thing. .. Not really know, but we wait for them to come back ViVi become scarecrow… Fire breathing scare crow don’t upset vivi you might turn into ball of fire… although if I am ball of fire I could hug enemy really tightly.

Enemy manage to hurt others a lot, such frail creatures not smart like me, Bow is favorite friend, gets me food… these shop keepers so mean to me, they don’t sell me things my coin is good! sigh.. .anyway.. we trek east a bit more following tracks, eventually come across a .. I think they are called crypts they house dead bodies, but there was no way in that we could find… we knocked just as an OwlBear came after us…. the dolts inside opened the door, even furrball not open door just because someone knock.. not that I have a door to open… they won’t even rent me a room… forced to sleep in the streets like furrball never been vagabond before… But I have stroke! yelled at robbed figure for being traitor! and cut him down… they think we big wigs now!

They thought we be some big wigs try to figure out who we work for They ask if we work for people sound like Gah-zuntite
Coal (think its funny to be named after a fuel)
Salvadore (Had a uncle named Salvadore… he died on a tuna boat…)
Vexx (Not sure why someone be named that he probably not having a good time if he is always confused.)

Something be happening in the North West but don’t know what, just know they have some sort of operation… they did mention Blood Diamonds, so maybe they be mining? Thats what all the undead must be for cheap labor!… they probably get treated better than I do, bet the shop keeps would accept their money if they had it.