Tl;dr: Adventurers from AFK continue the very dangerous progress working through a massive undead filled crypt below a cultist enclave.

Future Adventure Notes:
•There is a golden key in the crypt, that will open something, only one something. A choice is required. Also do not take the key from the crypt.
•Currently an unknown, the room title “Death Arena”, containing a large four-armed skeleton with crisscrossed weapons, and other skeletons.
•A room with 7 coffins, one of them raised on a pentagram platform with necromantic runes underneath has not been interacted with.
•The north passage out of the graveyard within the crypt is unexplored.

Session Title: Return to the Crypt
Session DM: krforget93
Session Date: 15 Mar 2022 @ 00:05
Session Risk: 7 or 8

Aodh (Barbarian 6) (played by RCB)
Barry (Cleric 4/Fighter 5) (played by Tootired78)
Damian (Paladin 8) (played by Waylander)
Nunde (Rogue 4/Cleric 1) (played by Trulhammaren)
Sapphire (Monk 5) (played by Arden)
Vivi (Sorcerer 5) (Konopa)

Barry and group meet up in Ruined Oak, with intent to progress through massive crypt in Tempest Plain. Barry know other group go, but Barry not go until now. Barry and group get cultist robe from Psychic Nunde. Cold and windy when Barry and group depart, take road east. Barry and group pass hunter who sell game, ostrich flock and bad magic area before get to outpost, where Barry and group sleep peaceful.

In morning Barry and group follow road, see meteor swarm strike near road, feel impact. Barry and group go see, fire, devastation in area. Some rock still hot, some glitter. Rock tougher than granite. Void Vivi use magic, freeze, reheat, break one rock, find gold, amber like rock. Barry and group continue on road, go by another bad magic area then see cottage with smoke come out.

Inside, Barry and group meet Luke and Sophia, retired adventurer. Barry not learn anything from talk to them. Barry and group camp near cottage, again peaceful night. Barry and group keep follow road east, go by Hob Blood Eye clan, brief chat learn nothing, keep follow road north. Scout see on road mushroom that glow, Psychic Nunde think valuable. Barry and group leave road, go northeast, see dinosaur herd in distance.

Barry and group camp for night in cave, peaceful night but Barry told in morning third watch heard growl. Before leaving, Barry and group find black coated cultist, dead by wolf. Barry listen to Tempus who say Barry might need body later. Barry and group move northeast, put on cultist robe. Barry not cultist! but understand lie.

Group know, show Barry way to bridge entrance, lead to cave. Barry and group see many cultist west of bridge. Barry and group enter cave, group tell Barry about killing many spider before. Psychic Nunde play with piled rock, say look good, no cultist come through. Barry and group travel through tunnel, long time, before Barry and group get to crypt.

Barry told by group two possible way go. North or south. North lead to “Death Arena”, large skeleton with four arm and many weapon, also more skeleton. Leader Psychic Nunde say go south, play with door to open. In large room, many smashed open coffin. Red light suffuse room.

Along wall of room, many skeleton with weapon. One skeleton have hand to where ear hole be on skull. Barry would do such to protect ear from big sound. Writing on epitaph by two sarcophagus. No one of Barry or group can read. Barry later learn it say in elvish “Defender of the Deaf One.”

Barry and group continue south, which become east as wall corner. Off into corner, many table and chair, group say a room for waiting? Barry not understand, why one might wait in crypt. Barry see stranger sight just after. Graveyard in crypt. Barry think backwards, crypt usually in graveyard. This graveyard have many coffin and three mausoleum. Mausoleum have ornament on roof, raven, rat, then raven again. Barry not know what mean. In centre graveyard, a plaque with riddle etched beside quill and book with names, but mostly blank.

Barry hear group think plaque suggest leave gold and sleep safe in mausoleum, but Barry think that crazy. Barry not want sleep in mausoleum in crypt. Barry and group have choice at graveyard room, north or east. Psychic Nunde say east, east Barry and group go. Long hallway lead to more sarcophagi, and more elvish writing that no one read. On altar in room coin, Psychic Nunde show bad judgement, steal from dead.

When Psychic Nunde steal, dead scream. Shout in language know one no, and many, many ghost appear, and two epitaph open with skeleton crawl out, very angry. Barry and group in very dangerous fight, but Tempus help make some ghost leave. Barry and group fight what stay, then wait for ghost to return, fight them. Barry and group win, then go back to graveyard to rest and think.

Barry and group decide to go east again, pass sarcophagi room and take only option east again. Psychic Nunde play with door, which have skull doorknob. Door open, bright light illuminate room. On hexagon table, gold key. Psychic Nunde take key, say almost feel something bad or burn, Barry not sure, but desist when key lifted. Playing with key Psychic Nunde say key skull key, unlock something within, with choice to make, but bound to crypt. If key leave crypt, something bad happen.

Barry and group only option beside exit, to leave bright room north. After another long hallway, and another door, another red room. This room have a pentagon platform with coffin on top. Necromantic rune under coffin. Along the east and west walls three coffin each. Psychic Nunde check other exit of room, see keyhole in door, but can not open. Blocked from other side.

Barry and group feel time to leave arrive. Psychic Nunde hide key near crypt exit, and play with stone pile again then Barry and group travel to JubJub town to end adventure.