Getting Together

DM: Geo



Aodh | 4 Barbarian

Ihnyn | 3 Warlock

Tarbin | 2 Monk

Dred | 2 Scholar

Kadar | 2 Sorcerer


Mission: Discover the location of the Vineyard that produced an old wine for Tyler Osbrooks

Floating Island... Falling Man

We met up with Tyler  and he made a request to help him find the seeds of the grapes used to make a wine an adventurer brought home from Castle Ruthdala. So we headed south towards the castle to find out more. Along the way we heard some screaming in the air and noticed a man falling towards the ground right near us. Nothing we could do to save this dwarf from his fate.. we did notice he fell from what looked like a large mass of land in the air. I heard tales of something like this on the island in the form of a giant whale. 

Did not get a great look at it but it is possible this was what it was.  This dwarf had a quiver on him as well a rod with a button and a hankerchef with the initlas R.R. on it. 

Abby's Road

Farther along on the road we found a shrine with the name Abby on it. Incense was left burning here to the point it burned out. It looked like a shrine made by someone from Port Mirandia and not a hobgoblin shrine. We left the shrine and as we walked into a creeepy feeling areaand when  we turned around we saw…

The figure was clearly dead but it was warning us as well as assuming we would be joing her. We asked her name and she replied Abby.

A Night With the Ratfolk

We decided to camp outside of the creepy feeling area for the night and continue to the castle the next day. We almost hada full eight hours of sleep when Aodh heard something outside of the firelight. He then got shoot by a crossbow bolt and hit witha few spells.

They used smoke bombs to keep in the darkness.  We took down a few of them before they scampered off into the night. we found a note on one of the dead bodies that read .

In the depths of the dungeon, right at the very bottom, is a burning portal that reeks of brimstone. This is a gateway to Hell, and Hell’s denizens can come through the portal into the mortal world, if the correct ritual is performed. So far, this hasn’t been done, but anyone in the portal’s chamber will hear fiendish whispers in their mind. Whispers that promise their heart’s desires, if they only do the necessary ritual. Someone will probably succumb sooner or later, so a way needs to be found to close the portal before that happens.

No clue what this means but Aodh was sure that it would be important for other members of the AFK to know about it.

Ruthdala's Wine Cellar

We arrived at Castle Ruthdala and found a bunch of soliders hanging around. They informed us that this place is an Outpost for the AFK now, but they need to be sure the be sure that the castle is safe. Since we had to go inside anyway we offered to take a look around. Once inside the place seemed pretty quiet and had nothing living or unliving left behind. In the basement we found a wine cellar and on that wine cellar we found what we were looking for. Three bottles of wine from Wrangle Hill Winery.

We found a map upstrairs of the surrounding area and it had this place labeled on it. We took note and copied it down.

The black star is Abby’s shrine. The green box is Castle Ruthdala. The red X is the Wrangle Hill Winery.

Also in the basement is a pool of water that looks drinkable… It however is not. If you drink it… it will emit necrotic energy. 

Odd Happenings on our Way Home

On the way home around the same area we met Abby we saw this pool of blood form and a skeletal whale was trying to emerge from it. We got that eery feeling again and the pool began to disappear as well as the skeletal figure.  We made ourway home and gave the winery finding to Tyler.