Tl;dr: A group of adventurers set out from Port Mirandia in search of orichalcum ore to complete the Bank’s construction. A lead from the Fire Giant Smith Apnar send them to a ore vein, guarded by the Phoenix, recently reborn and jonesing for a rematch after intensive training from Tobaggins.

Future Adventure Notes:
•The Bank of Port Mirandia is completed.
•When asked about eclipses of the sun, Tobaggins says a library in the Neathy woods should have a book on astronomical phenomena, a future party should try to find such book.

Session Title: A Quick Quest
Session DM: Calmseeker
Session Date: 02 Sept 2022
Session Risk: 7

**writ in newer ink, scrawled in the margins a tl:dr and future adventure notes**

Barry (Cleric 5/Fighter 5/Wizard 2) with Owl the familiar and swarm of skeletons
Jax (Cleric 12/Wizard 2)
Nalkris (Warlock 11) with Avarace the familiar
Nog (Fighter 15) with Pick the Sidekick (Flying Monkey 6) and Rollo the Sidekick (Owlbear 5)

Barry and group receive request by worker build bank in Ruined Oak, need for rare orichalcum ore, sometime used by blacksmith fire giant. Bank need ore for financial reason Barry not care about. Barry and group take portal to Port Mirandia and begin many day journey to visit Fire Giant Smith Apnar.

On first day, Barry and group find ancient straw tabaxi doll, speak message only Bugbear Nog know for, but not understand, word “I’m so cuddly, I love you more than a meowse!” Barry get group lost here, so camp. During first night, Raven Nalkris find pungent incense in box, reliquary, drawing of waterfall into still pool.

Second day, Barry and group talk to ancient treant, who say no orichalcum nearby, and mention a falcon wearing scarf, seen the week previous. Tempus magic let Barry and group safely cross river.

Night of second day, Barry and group find shield with word “House of Washir”. Bugbear Nog remember other Washir, say old dwarf clan, with burial spot somewhere, maybe more than one. Barry and group arrive at forge of Fire Giant Smith Apnar evening third day.

Fire Giant Smith Apnar bruised, arm in cast. Fire Giant Smith Apnar say talk with Phoenix, partnership may be in future, but Phoenix express interest in training, his wound from training Phoenix. Fire Giant Smith Apnar say his partner, Celestial Tobaggins and Phoenix head north to hill to train more. Fire Giant Smith Apnar in response to query say Phoenix does harbor some anger to Barry and group but not hunt down, but want to fight again after training. Barry not like this idea.


Fire Giant Smith Apnar have orichalcum ore, but low quality, need Phoenix to purify. In morning, Fire Giant Smith Apnar say good news, can find better orichalcum ore, but bad news, Phoenix there. Barry and group have no choice but to go north to find Phoenix and orichalcum ore. Fire Giant Smith Apnar say good luck, Phoenix should not be too much harder than last time. Barry hope Fire Giant Smith Apnar know what Fire Giant Smith Apnar talk about.

Barry and group have peaceful fourth day. During night, find sandstone headstone with large crack down middle. In morning, read word “Hevyload Washir” and leave the shield with word “House of Washir.” Barry and group travel north, through place no adventurer yet go. Fifth day, Raven Nalkris find altar with hidden compartment, containing two carved bone statuettes. Barry and group decide to leave in place, altar thought to be dedicate to Sylvanus.

Barry and group again use Tempus magic to cross river, midday on day five. Fifth night, Barry and group approached by Celestial Tobaggins with sidekick Falcon Chardee MacDennis. Celestial Tobaggins say will show orichalcum and Phoenix spot for food, which Barry and group agree to provide. Morning, sixth day, Barry and group follow Celestial Tobaggins.

Chardee MacDennis

Celestial Tobaggins lead Barry and group northeast to hill. On hill is large white egg-shaped cinder, near hill is orichalcum ore deposit. Bugbear Nog tries to excavate ore, but while do so egg begin to crack then break. Phoenix emerge, resolve on face, want rematch. Phoenix transform, wing become iridescent, look very menacing.

Phoenix (before transformation)
Phoenix (after transformation)

Phoenix much stronger than before, have many new ability. Has control of area, can explode with fiery wrath, can summon smaller fire bird, and would not stay dead until Bugbear Nog hit it many many time after it fell, when it finally turn to ash and cinder egg. While Bugbear Nog dig up ore, Celestial Tobaggins whisper to cinder. Celestial Tobaggins say Phoenix feel better about fight.

Barry remember that Barry need ask Celestial Tobaggins about when next eclipse might be. Celestial Tobaggins say not know for sure, need book of astronomy to be sure. Book in library in castle in Neathy Woods. Celestial Tobaggins not know who in castle. Celestial Tobaggins say box Raven Nalkris found belong to adventurer cleric of Eldath, keep it to give back.

Barry and group leave Celestial Tobaggins and Phoenix cinder to be far away when Phoenix reborn. Barry and group sleep sixth night peacefully, travel seventh and eighth day safely. Barry and group meet merchants on ninth day near Port Mirandia, who want to accompany Barry and group to town, then Barry get group lost on way to town. Barry not sure what happen, but that might be why Barry got lost.

End ninth day, Barry and group portal to Ruined Oak, then push to town from portal. Ninth night spent safely in Ruined Oak, then tenth day, Barry and group take ore to bank, and the worker are happy. The bank will now be completed in Ruined Oak.