DM: Tam
Pcs: Gottlieb, Julijonas, Sneaker, Marcus Wellspring, Venford, Murdrum
Written By Sneaker

Farmer near Port Mirandia had trouble with giant toads eating crops and the occasional traveler near his farm so we were asked to help out. We were also tasked with finding this runaway girl Ophelia. We set out from PM on cold snowy day. The snowflakes were pretty fascinating for me as I haven’t seen their like previously. Luckily our trailblazer was keeping track of our surrounding and we didn’t just walk to the pond with the giant toads around it.

I slid from the group and took cover behind this cozy rock as rest of the group approached the pond. The toads were knocked out but there came call that someone was floating in the middle of the pond. My first mistake was to leave the cover of the rock and I ran and dove to the pond. I swam through the cold water and dragged this what first seemed like poor murdered girl out of the pond. Just as I reached the edge of the pond and climbed to the dry land this girl revealed her true form and used her long hair to capture me in cold and dank embrace. She must have used some dark magic as she leaned in for a kiss I couldn’t resist. I felt my very essence being drained with the kiss and I was left with weak knees (not in a good way). Luckily I managed to free myself from the very long hair and I ran for the cover of my rock. It was then I decided no more heroics for me.

The party managed to kill this wretched bitch (no wonder she was murdered) and we returned to PM with some toads in tow. After a warm drink or two we decided to head back to the pond and follow tracks we had found to the southeast. Following these tracks we came upon a bandit camp and a scuffle ensued. We dispatched the bandits and the one who murdered Ophelia. One of us almost perished but that is the island for you.

The next day we returned to town. On our way back we met two travelers heading for Gruf Gruf hobgoblin tribe. They are said to be neutral so don’t killing them in cold blood.