RCB – Fisr
Wade – Kadar
Ndeboy – All Porridge
SlyOkami – Brekker

It is important in the surveying of new territory to understand the context of the terrain you’re encountering. I have found myself thus far disappointed in the writings sent back to Candlekeep in preparing me for my presence here in Katashaka. Allow me to illuminate for my fellow adventurers with an excerpt of my first adventure here.

It began with a grave site, a few days before town. The locals had gathered around it confused, apparently unaware of any ritual that took place here, and yet the entire scene was awash with suspicion. Red Dust, old worn gravestones with a vague title of ‘The Watcher”, and mathematical positional calculations in close proximity. The details are hardly relevant here, but I did gather the help of a child nearby, by the name of Gau. I believe he agreed to tackle this side quest involving “The Watcher,” while I set about the hurdle of contacting a mage by the name of Danny Voy. The scattered texts involving the wizard describe towers and undead, feats by the likes I’ve hardly scene even in the Old World. Gau had retrieved some seeds from a shipping container that had broken in the port of White Moon Cove during some shipping mishaps involving an ooze, but the container seemed to have been tampered with, or at least meant to never arrive at a destination at all. Nevertheless, either Danny Voy had sent it without a destination it would reach or someone had impersonated a wizard of that like in order to frame him. Clearly, this needed investigating.

I gathered a small contingent of the adventurer scraps I could find, and we set out on the arduous journey to the Tower. Along the way, near the bridge crossing of the Rotmoor river southwest of Ruined Oak, we came upon a doorway. 2 of my adventurers, perhaps thinking it may have been related to our current endeavor, though I think perhaps they may have not learned to let mysterious doors lie… ventured to mess with the doorhandle, paralyzing themselves in the process. I sent an unseen servant to try to other side of the door, and the creature as well as the door itself disappeared. Clearly, it was some sort of interdimensional trap that had been placed for one such as my party members, but soon I had my unseen servant dust them off and we set out once more.

Along the way, we were accosted by a goblin with a rug for a cape, demanding tribute as if it were a highwayman. I was fine to rely on my guile and offer a light cantrip in order to pass, but my escort Kadar saw fit to ruin the thing. It was then gobbled by the rug, which we promptly lit on fire. His coin was now ours and we counted ourselves rather pleased with ourselves

As we continued to the outpost, we began to see smoke on the horizon in the direction we intended on visiting. We stayed the night there and continued on the road to the tower. Upon arriving, we found a ruined structure with a gnome… is overlooking the right word for what he was doing to the wreckage?… at least taking in the carnage in his wake. He began to ask where Danny was, but he seemed a bit unhinged. We battled for a time, and hope seemed lost for a moment but he absconded suddenly, a flying obelisk following him as he did so. The records here make note of a Council that may be responsible. The gnome had a symbol etched on his forehead, one I recognize as being used in some higher level math equations as Phi, though I’m sure it is of some cultural significance. My cross referencing of gnome culture has not yielded any results thus far into gleaning what it may have meant. We defeated the salamanders he left us with, and scoured the wreckage for clues as to where our Danny may have gone. As I approached, the beans I received from Gau displayed an image for us, and a magic mouth appeared near the doorway telling us to search in the Silent Woods. Additionally, a vision of a Fey Forest played from the beans that we found.

We moved east once more, stopping again at the outpost in the night. We made note of the lights going off to the Southwest or our location, in the mountains, as we saw what we could only assume be the battle of the gnome and the Obelisk in that direction. It didnt seem to be too far from described locations involving a Forge Citadel. Further research will be required to confirm that suspicion though.

Along the road eastward, we came upon a horse and took it to the outpost nearby, hoping to find an owner that got caught up in the area. No such luck was found, but we pressed onward, eventually meeting with Gary of the Circle of the Mango. He recognized us as adventurers of Ruined Oak, and as we described what we were looking for, He took us to exactly the right location, a tower with a large clock face on it, seemingly with Trees growing around it. A hologram played, telling us to search in the land of eternal snow in order to find an answer…. and I find myself confused. At this point, it is clear that Danny intended the beans to be investigated, us to find his wreckage, and for our group to then find this projected image in the tour in the Silent Woods, all without any explanation as to his intent in doing so. My patience with the man grows thin, as he seems to want nothing more than to inconvenience a resolution to my intentions, and yet I wonder what sort of power I could gather from his archives, what spells he may have locked away in his vaults, and how a clearly cowardly man could really be such a threat if I were to see fit to take his magic from him, especially in these Brothers of the Order of whatever are also after him.

Perhaps a visit to the Fey Forest could better clear up his intents, since that seemed to be the image intended for our party. Rumors of a dark delving nearby, and snowy mountains might bear fruit for another bout of research.

Ever in search of truth,