I, Katla Gyrdottir, along with several others went to a farm to the west of Port Mirandia to assist them. My comrades were Coral, Gau, Twee, Barren, Olivia, and Cavendish.

We arrived at the farm, pockmarked by large holes. The citizens described the situation as large snakes burrowing up through the ground. I was hesitant to journey underground again but decided to travel with the group through one of the larger holes. We headed down into the tunnels, finding mounting evidence that worms were the creatures that dug them. After traveling for some time we began to feel rumbling.

We were attacked by several smaller worms, smaller being relative since they were larger than any of us. I was at the back with Olivia and I could not see the rest of the party. Me and Olivia fought off several of them as we felt a much stronger tremor in the ground. A gargantuan worm erupted from the ground in between us and the rest of the party. It ate Barren at the start and began to sting others. Due to the magics of Gau and the sharpshooting of Twee we managed to kill the worm while Cavendish and Coral fought a slightly smaller one. Barren’s body was not in a state that could be brought back from the dead but we hauled his body back anyways. We found a fair amount of goods with the worms, apparently they had eaten others.

I hate going underground.