Tl;dr: A group of adventurers set out from White Moon Cove intent on slaying a group of wyverns causing trouble. They successfully do so, but in the process discover a second monolith with words written in three languages and a map indicating a possible third.

Future Adventure Notes:
•A map was found indicating two known monolith locations and a third location, as yet unsearched.
•Both monoliths have writing in celestial, infernal and primordial languages.
•Both monoliths were beset by creatures with all black eyes, being controlled by a singular entity.
•Upon death the lead creature’s body burns up into a smoky fiery cloud. This cloud seems to be the controlling entity. It has escaped twice, and if confronted seems fairly dangerous.
•Smoky fiery cloud entity speaks in celestial, primordial and probably infernal. (though this is conjecture.)

Session Title : Chapter 28 : Where To Go Next
Session DM : Waylander
Session Date : 14 Jan 2022 @ 18:00 UTC
Session Risk : 6

•”Cartograph,” “Chronicler,” and “Leader” Barry (Cleric 3/Fighter 5) (played by Tootired78)
Cavendish (Fighter 7/Warlock 1) with Gamma the Mount (played by Cavendish)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 8) (played by Le Count)
Katla Gyrdottir (Fighter 11) (played by Arden)
Kirnis (Sorcerer 2/ Warlock 4) (played by Genthrock)
•”Scout” Nalkris (Warlock 9) with Avarace the Familiar (played by Iceforge)
•”Trailblazer” Nog (Fighter 9) with Rollo the Sidekick (Owlbear 3) (played by Trulhammaren)

Barry talk about latest adventure

Barry and group hear about many wyvern cause problem far southwest of White Moon Cove, or far southeast of Ruined Oak. Barry and group take advantage of reclaimed White Moon Cove and road with many outpost to travel. When Barry and group get near first outpost, Barry and group see new white flag, three black claw mark at treeline edge on post. Barry and group think that from Black Scale kobold tribe who follow some other creature.

Barry and group arrive at outpost and stay night. Next day, Barry and group see track of maybe half dozen medium size two-legged feet going west from road. Track maybe three day old. Barry and group follow track west. Track lead to small hill, with bugbear encampment with many bugbear. Barry and group approach, Bugbear Nog talk. Barry not know what say, but Bugbear Nog say other bugbear trade javelin for gold. Barry not need more.

Barry told that bugbear see wyvern five day ago but not recent. Barry and group leave bugbear encampment and Bugbear Nog got group lost. Barry think he too excited from talk to bugbear. Barry and group find road but need push hard to get to outpost for night.

Next day, Barry and group cross bridge, Barry very happy see bridge. Barry and group follow road southwest and see half dozen orc at log camp. Barry unhappy they cut tree but not kill. Orc have white tree symbol and seem wary about Barry and group until hear that Barry and group not want tree. Orc see wyvern to west. Psychic Katla warn orc of Brazen Blade, a demonic orc tribe in area. On way west find turkey feather. Barry learn there be man eating turkey around. Barry happy to not meat.

Barry and group continue west, into hilly area and camp for night. In morning, Barry and group go west again. In area Barry and group see signs of predation, and over hunting. Leftover of many corpse, not all eaten. Wyvern claw marks, one set larger than other. Barry curious why wyvern kill more than need.

Barry and group move west again, Raven Nalkris see three wyvern ahead, see one drop something. Barry and group approach try to find dropped thing, find dead orc with broken arm and leg. Acidic burn on back. While Barry and group examine, five wyvern one of which bigger, begin flight toward Barry and group, and battle start. Barry and group win. Inside stomach of wyvern dead orc. Barry and group rest then look for wyvern nest.

Barry and group find destroyed orc village when try to find wyvern nest. Track of orcs lead away, same direction as where Barry and group think nest might be, so Barry and group follow. Area get more hilly, with occasional small cave. Bugbear Nog and Raven Nalkris find wyvern nest, has some gold. During search Barry and group notice cave larger than other. When Barry and group enter cave see many orc with black eye by monolith.

Barry hear orc shout words, told later was celestial, ask if Barry and group will give up life to follow him. Barry not know what group say back but fight start.

Smoky Flame Cloud

During fight after most orc dead, orc leader burst into smoky flame cloud, with two red eye in middle. Barry hear smoky flame cloud say in primoridal, “Puny life form like you have stopped me last time. But you will at best delay inevitable.” Smoky flame cloud use magic to escape cave but not far enough. Barry and group give chase, unwisely. Smoky flame cloud burst with flame then almost kill Psychic Katla with fiery sword and whip.

Barry hear more word not know, and then more word not know as smoky flame cloud get away. Barry told last word were in celestial, and were “I will destroy you on another day!” After fight Barry and group examine monolith. Goblin Dakka Doon say it powerful anti-magic. Writ on monolith are word. Three word. Each different language. In celestial “Store.” In primordial “Imprison.” In infernal “Eternal.” Barry and group decide to leave monolith be for now.

Searching dead orc, Barry and group find map. Map have “X” where Barry and group are, and Barry remember read about other monolith at X northwest. Barry and group think maybe other X should have other group look at. Barry and group head back to previous campsite for night.

Map found. Two west most X’s are known monoliths.

Next day Barry and group return along road, cross bridge, stay at outpost again. Day after, Barry and group follow road to other outpost and spend night again, then in morning follow road back to White Moon Cove, end adventure.