DM: Jacksus

Party: Kaladin, Sshateth, Gargot, Sneaker, Jelo, Valor

Mission: Assist in constructing the Yatari’s Song Road

Gargot saw some ‘chickens’ and decided to fight them. Ssharp and myself assisted. We saw a barn and some men spoke to us. They wanted to make sure we stayed out of their business. We continued down the road and found a giant tree that had water inside of it. As Gargot walked into the water some steam elementals and a water elementals attacked. After a struggle we managed to defeat them. We then camped which was uneventful.

We set out for the day and ran into some giant wasps. They did not like us in the area and when Gargot turned into a bear and they attacked us. Afterwards we checked their hive and Gargot threw a torch in the bottom of it and started a fire that almost got out of control. We managed to keep it from spreading and moved on. We found tracks that Gargot said belong to a Tyrant Lizard. A rather large dinosaur according to Gargot. Later on we found what left the tracks and Gargot managed to keep it from eating us. We then rushed back through the night to Port Mirandia.

We completed two sections of road along Yatari’s Song Road.