Gringal’s Hut

Trying to track down information on this ‘master’ is proving to be more twisted than swamp roots. After our last venture we learned the likely location of one of the masters spawn so we decided to track them down and see what could be learned.

Galli, A powerful little gnomish wizard with a unique personality.
Slissezh, A pure blood Yuan-Ti who carries a mysterious book that keeps him in check.
Lyn, An exceptionally stealthy human with uncanny aim.
Kirnis, A triton who proved to be a steadfast warrior.
Vivi, A Sikahla spellcaster who is much stronger than they look. Just don’t watch them eat.
Beralt, A BloodHunter of passable skill (Myself).

We gathered at the Potted plant as is our usual and once we had gathered some information and all the aforementioned members we headed for the supposed location of Gringal, the newest rung in the ladder towards the master.

Old empty house we tried camping in.

After trekking though snow all day we were very tired and decided to try using an old house for shelter. After getting in we discovered a hatch to a basement that firmly defeated me in getting it open. After we descended into it we discovered it was some form of smugglers house complete with underground tunnels towards the coast. While we searched around we were attacked by some Bulette and in the fight some of the tunnels began to collapse. We managed a narrow escape and finished rest before continuing on.

Strange nighttime spirit.

During one of our rest while traveling Slissezh spotted a strange creature following us but it didn’t advance or interact with us this night.

The wintery roads.

Travel was slow going thanks to weather and we had lots of ground to cover, I used my bulk to try clearing a path through the snow but we nearly lost little Vivi and Galli more than once. As we neared the last know location of Gringal we debated which way to go. The area was dangerous and unknown to me so we hedged our bets and went through what was supposed to be an abandoned camp.

The abandoned Encampment.

The small village was not in good shape by any means but it also wasn’t abandoned while we traveled through it we were stopped and questioned by some Yuan-Ti. I didn’t understand the language but Slissezh got them to leave us be for the time being after some expert lying.

The Yuan-Ti
The strange spirit creature returned to us and Kirnis spoke to it and received a blue pendant of some kind which we have yet to find it’s intended owner.
Undead hordes.

The closer we got to our destination the more dangerous the land got, we started seeing groups of undead and after skirting around them to avoid a fight we stumbled upon some wolf tracks that seemed to be away from all the undead so we followed them.

Wolf Tracks.
Gringal’s Hut.

We followed the tracks to a hut that sat alone in this harsh land, I went up to get a feel of the situation but the half-orc that answered was anything but friendly. Vivi managed to make some progress with him but he was still hesitant. Before we could get far we were attacked.

Golems that attacked us.

Gringal grabbed Vivi and dodged as two Golems slammed into his hut before attacking us, they were not alone however for even as we defeated them more enemies relieved themselves.

Wind Golem creature.

Gringal started shouting into the sky cursing the one who sent the golems and destroying his house before we heard a female voice respond telling him to give her what she wants and die before the wind creature emerged and attacked us. After we dealt some damage she relieved her true form and attacked Lyn in earnest.

Woman in the wind attacking Gringal. Later revealed to be called Dredulai-unai.

After some general confusion and argument we managed to learn that Dredulai-unai was an ex lover of the master and mother to some of his spawn, the twins. Dredulai-unai went on to accuse Gringal of hiding them, and Gringal accused her of working for the master and being a threat. We got the tensions down and Gringal asked us to meet him somewhere in a few weeks time, we also learned that Merula was in a dire situation in which killing her might be our only option if we can’t find help for her. Dredulai-unai traveled with us as we made our way back to town.

Yuan-Ti bodies we found on our way to town.

On our way back through the abandoned encampment we found the skinned remains of those Slissezh fooled hung from a tree. We took that as the warning it was and hurriedly got out of there. Little of note happened before we returned back to town and heard that Merula is doing worse and needs constant healers attention simply to be comfortable. We must find the answer and help her before it’s to late. We either gamble and return to the librarian with Merula in tow, which could risk killing her in itself, or we pray she holds out long enough to learn something from Gringal and the twins possibly. I have never been a man of prayer.

-Beralt, Uninvited Guest. The Gringal update.